Spaghetti Fresh

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Spaghetti Fresh


Spaghetti Federici
Fresh red pepper
Poshekhonsky cheese
Olive oil
Bulb onions

Cooking method

  • Despite the fact that spaghetti is long and difficult to imagine in a cartoon, this product is a frequent guest of Stadlerenck in summer.
  • The water boiled, put spaghetti and spices (Italian herbs to taste), 25 minutes, held the lid with a handle, that is, there was a slot for pasta.
  • After 25 minutes, I put frying with onions and a drop of olive oil for 8 minutes.
  • Already cut fresh peppers and grated cheese into the ready-made ones.

Time for preparing:

35 minutes

Cooking program:

Potatoes, Frying


I usually do it by eye. Therefore, conditionally:
* 2 m glass of water
* 50g spaghetti
* h. l olive oil
* 1/2 red fresh pepper
* 1/6 onion of the onion
* spices by eye

Just in case, I write that I mainly use two manufacturers
Spaghetti Fresh
and our domestic Okay
Spaghetti Fresh

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