Chocolate ice cream (no eggs)

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Chocolate ice cream (no eggs)


Milk 250 ml
Concentrated milk without sugar 1 can (320 g)
Fat cream (22-33%) 200 ml
Corn starch 4 teaspoons
Sugar 130 g
glucose syrup / corn syrup / honey 1 table. the spoon
cocoa (insoluble) 35 g
bitter chocolate 80 g
sea ​​salt on the tip of a teaspoon
vanilla extract (or vanillin)

Cooking method

  • Again the favorite recipe from David Leibovitz.
  • Ice cream with a very rich chocolate flavor and slightly different from chocolate ice cream in that it tastes completely non-greasy.
  • The recipe is not at all troublesome and without "pitfalls" in the form of boiling the yolks. Everyone will succeed.
  • 1. Dilute starch in a pair of table. spoons of COLD boiled water.
  • 2. Pour cocoa powder with a small amount of HOT water, stir until it is completely dissolved. The consistency is liquid sour cream.
  • 3. In a large saucepan, combine milk, canned milk concentrate, cream, sugar, glucose / honey, salt and vanillin. Bring to a boil and pour in cocoa. Boil over low heat for 4 minutes.
  • 4. Pour in the starch suspension, bring to a boil and some thickening, and immediately turn off the heat.
  • 5. In a separate bowl, break the chocolate into small pieces. Pour our hot mixture into the chocolate in small portions, stirring constantly. In two or three doses, the chocolate will dissolve and the mass will become glossy.
  • 6. Cool completely and cook in an ice cream maker according to the instructions.

The dish is designed for

output - 1 l


I didn't change anything in the recipe, just adjusted the amount of concentrated milk to Russian standards: in our cans, not 250 g, but 320 g. I don't like incomprehensible surpluses) Therefore, I simply reduced the amount of heavy cream at the expense of concentrated milk.
There is absolutely no difference.

It is better to use corn starch.

I have glucose syrup in stock, so I use it as directed in the recipe. But I read more than once that it is easily replaced with honey.
I think that glucose (honey) along with starch serve as emulsifiers in this recipe.

Katrin, took away to bookmarks!
I love everything chocolate.
It's very good that there are no eggs! It will have to be done in the near future!
Quote: Borisyonok
Katrin, bookmarked! I love everything chocolate.
I join! Very appetizing!
but how the sweetness tastes is normal. in regular chocolate for 1 liter of liquid and 8 yolks 180g of sugar (this is according to the recipe from my ice cream maker)
Very balanced taste in sweetness. Indeed, besides sugar, ice cream contains chocolate and glucose syrup - and they are sweet.
If you still like sweeter, then you can put 150 g of sugar.
Olka I
The picture is so delicious that I already wanted to stir up ice cream
Quote: Olka I
The picture is so delicious that I already wanted to stir up ice cream
Here's a little more beauty for you then Assorted mint and chocolate ice cream according to David Leibovitz's recipes

Chocolate ice cream (no eggs)

The recipe is actually very simple. Unlike the classic chocolate ice cream (which I also love and often make), you don't need to boil the yolks and tremble over them in fear that they will curl
Katrin, what can be used instead of concentrated milk?
Pavla, try substituting milk and cream.Just increase their quantity with concentrated milk.
Katrin, thanks, I'll try to make with country milk
M @ rtochka
And can you take condensed milk instead of concentrated milk and sugar?
M @ rtochka, I would replace concentrated milk with 10% cream.
But you can also try with condensed milk. True, I do not know what will happen to it after boiling - according to the recipe, the entire mass for ice cream is boiled for 4 minutes.
Irishk @
I shackle ice cream, take it to bookmarks, buy cream and be sure to make it, such a photo is awesome and the recipe is the easiest, super simple,
M @ rtochka
Katrin, got it. I thought that concentrated milk is like condensed milk, but not sweet
And the cream is even easier!
M @ rtochka, and there is
Why don't you want to use prescription concentrated milk? It is not in short supply, it is sold in any supermarket.

You can also take condensed milk. But in this case, I would correct the recipe: I would increase the amount of cream and reduce the amount of condensed milk. I won't tell you about sugar, put it either less, or even exclude it altogether.

Definitely, you don't need to cook condensed milk. Boil all ingredients as directed in the recipe, mix the hot mixture with the chocolate until it dissolves.
And last of all, add condensed milk to the ready-made chocolate mixture and mix well.

M @ rtochka
Quote: Katrin
It is not in short supply, it is sold in any supermarket.
Even so, the village I
Then I'll take a look. If there is, of course, I will buy it, as it should. I just never paid attention to it
M @ rtochka
Katrin, I did not find ((
Is it in cans, bottles?
Fused recipe, hunting to do. Are these all the same type of condensed milk without sugar? Or what does it look like?

And then I'll put the cream, they always have
M @ rtochka, one to one - like a can of condensed milk. Only it says "Concentrated milk without sugar".

Chocolate ice cream (no eggs)
Katrin, but without an ice cream maker you can't somehow make it, alas, I don't have one ((
kavmins, before buying an ice cream maker, I placed the prepared ice cream in a freezer container and put it in the freezer. I have never stirred it. There was ok ice cream. In an ice cream maker, it is constantly mixed, you can mix it yourself, taking it out of the freezer, but I have never stirred it. The cream prevents the ice cream from crystallizing.
kavmins, you have already been answered above.
I only started making ice cream after buying an automatic freezer.
I don’t know how it can turn out without an ice cream maker.
M @ rtochka
Katrin, and yet I found everything and made this ice cream! True, instead of glucose syrup there was some kind of liquid caramel from Pudoff.
Thank you, this is my first chocolate bar. My husband liked it, I will sometimes do it. Now I already know where they sell what
M @ rtochka, I'm glad that everything worked out.
Classic chocolate is also tasty, but if you don't want to bother with boiling cream on yolks, then you can safely use this recipe.
I often make chocolate ice cream. I myself don't like chocolate, but my family does.

I advise you to buy glucose syrup. Sold online, is cheap and consumed slowly.
M @ rtochka
And tell me the recipe for classic chocolate, please.
I bought an ice cream maker on my head, now the family cannot live without ice cream
M @ rtochka, look, for sure there is a recipe for classic chocolate ice cream on this forum.
By "classic" I mean the cooking of English cream (yolks + sugar + milk), to which heavy cream and chocolate are subsequently added.
M @ rtochka
I'll take a look, I realized what to look for
I ordered glucose syrup through the familiar glucose syrup, I will definitely try it with it.
I will also write for those who do not have an ice cream maker. I have a small volume and therefore often the whole mixture is not included in it. I pour the leftovers into molds with chopsticks. So my son eats on sticks. And he really really liked this ice cream. Despite the fact that it is not after the ice cream maker, but simply frozen immediately.
Moreover, the day before I ate a chocolate from Vkusvilla, and then this. And he said that homemade is much tastier. So nice
So thanks again!

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