Watermelon-tomato gazpacho

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Watermelon-tomato gazpacho


watermelon 150 g
tomato 300 g
lemon juice 2 tbsp. l
ginger, salt optional
croutons, spinach, basil, mint to serve

Cooking method

  • Tomato gazpacho does not surprise us at all. But watermelon-tomato was a discovery for me!
  • Thanks to the competition, I came across a pile of leaflets with recipes cut out from magazines, and there are so many watermelon themes (I have already implemented some recipes), including the recipe for this soup.
  • We fry croutons, toasts from your favorite bread in advance.
  • Cut the flesh of the watermelon and tomatoes without the skin into pieces. We put them in a blender and whisk. Add lemon juice, chopped ginger, salt to taste.
  • Serve garnished with croutons, spinach, basil or mint. Watermelon-tomato gazpacho
  • Watermelon-tomato gazpacho
  • Watermelon-tomato gazpacho
  • A great option for lunch on a hot afternoon.

The dish is designed for

2 servings

Time for preparing:

25 minutes

Cooking program:



Enjoy your meal!

And again - let's hit a watermelon !!!
The recipe is gorgeous, the result is really refreshing, made with soul.
Thank you, Marinochka!
And soon, soon the watermelon season will come ...
Marish imagine in our watermelons hypers SEA !!!!!!! and discounts for them went crazy! for the price of a young potato! that's just a weight of 3-5 kg. when my eldest arrives and the whole family gets together we will buy. : girl_haha: and I will definitely cook something from your masterpieces.
thanks for the gorgeous recipe and beautiful presentation!
Quote: gala10
And again - let's hit a watermelon !!!

Oh, Gal, let's hit !!! It turns out that there are so many variations on the watermelon theme. You have to try everything.

Quote: gala10
And soon, soon the watermelon season will come ...

And Irishka, you see, has already come ...
Quote: Tumanchik
in our hypermelons SEA !!!!!!! and the discounts on them went crazy! for the price of a young potato!

What is this being done Irish? Watermelons for the price of potatoes - unheard of, then we going we fly to you! : fly: Hold on, networkers!

Girls, Galya, Irisha! I'm glad I liked the soup. I like it with ginger, but there are options with different types of greens. Try it and cool yourself down!

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