Karelian bread according to GOST

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Karelian bread according to GOST


seeded rye flour 50 g
fermented rye malt 25 g
cumin or coriander 4 g
Water 150 ml
bakery wheat flour 2 grades 200 g
pressed or dry yeast 5 g (2.5 g)
saccharified brew all
water 125 ml
bakery wheat flour 2 grades 225 g
salt 7.5 g
sugar 25 g
maltose syrup 40 g
raisins 25 g
water 50-100 ml

Cooking method

  • I took the recipe for this bread from the book "Production of custard breads using rye flour" edited by L.I. Kuznetsov and others.
  • Karelian bread is baked from gray wheat flour with raisins, candied fruits or finely chopped dried apricots.
  • This recipe was created after the war at the Moscow Institute of Bakery. In 1950, he first entered the State Standards and since then won more than one gold medal at Russian and international bread exhibitions.
  • First of all, we prepare the tea leaves from the indicated ingredients. The mixture is heated, stirring, to a temperature of 65C. At this time, preheat the oven to 70 ° C, turn it off. Cover the container with the brewing with foil, put it in a warm oven to saccharify for 1.5-2 hours at a temperature inside the infusion of 63-65C.
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  • After the brewing is ready, take it out of the oven, transfer it to the combine bowl and let it cool down to a temperature of 30-35 ° C. At this time, we activate the yeast in water. Pour the yeast solution into the brew, pour the flour and mix well until a homogeneous mass is obtained (it took me 5-7 minutes) and left to ferment for 3-3.5 hours. Fermentation in my oven on the "raising the dough" mode.
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  • When the dough is ready, start the dough on it. Add water, salt, sugar and molasses to the finished dough, mix, then add flour and knead the dough until well-developed gluten.
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  • In the combine at medium speed it took me 15 minutes. At the end of the batch, stir in the raisins, previously soaked in boiling water. The dough is very soft.
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  • The dough is fermented for one and a half to two hours.
  • Put the fermented dough on a rug sprinkled with flour, divide into portions and shape into bread. Karelian bread is baked both on the hearth and in molds.
  • I decided to make tin bread. Duration of proofing is 50-55 minutes. Before planting in the oven, the surface of the bread is moistened with water, you can sprinkle it with coriander or caraway seeds .. Baking with steam at 170-180C for 45 minutes. The bread turned out to be airy. Loafs of 450 gr.
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The dish is designed for

2 loaves, 450 g each

Time for preparing:

8-9 hours

Cooking program:

baking in the oven.


I used materials from Kuznetsov's book "Production of custard breads using rye flour".

Good girl, Nina !!!! Bread is lovely !!!!
Thank you, and the taste is a taste from my childhood.
In Soviet times, Riga and Karelian were the most beloved bread!
Basja, thanks for the recipe! Beautiful bread
Soon, soon hands will reach the Riga ...
Ninochka, dear, wonderful bread! But tell me more quickly, where do you get the seeded rye flour? I've been looking for it in Moscow for several months, but I can't find it at retail, and I have too many bags.
I sift it myself through a very fine sieve. Of course, it is not as bright as the industrial one, but as the saying goes: "for fishlessness and crayfish". Yes, for some reason it is very difficult to buy flour, and not only sown flour, but also wheat flour of 1 or 2 grades in Moscow. And what they offer is very "biting" prices. So we get out as best we can.
It's also great to sow flour through organza. The flour is excellent. Almost like mill gas.
NinochkaWHAT (!!!) bread !!!

Taking off my hat !!!

And the main thing for me without leaven my nightmare !!!

Here are just an ambush with second-grade wheat flour, maybe mix it yourself ...

Wheat of the second grade is in the Peki Sam store, I buy it there all the time. And the first grade is there. But there is no seeded rye and is not expected. Of course, you can sift the peeled one, but it turns out not quite the same product as the industrial one. But you see, you have to sow
Inna, I "bodied" myself, thanks to Admin, for her science of how to make flour of the 1st and 2nd grade, as well as whole grain, etc. Inna, peki, bread is divinely good.
It is impossible to keep light, flour of 1 and 2 grades for a long time, due to the fact that all parts of the grain are there, and bugs "start" there. And since I do not use such flour so often, it is easier for me to make it myself.
Basja, Ninochka! Thank you for your bread! ... Was once a couple of weeks ago in Minsk visiting a friend. She constantly buys Karelian bread. Well, she hooked me on him. I call her - I say dictate the recipe from the label. True, there were no raisins or dried apricots. While I was waiting for the recipe from her label, I found the recipe here. True, I did not have 1st and 2nd grade flour - I baked from what I had. Dried apricots added. For yesterday, all the bread will be done for both cheeks. Now the second part is being broken. On the weekend I'll go look for bran to make strictly according to the recipe!
And me with my Karelian bread

Karelian bread according to GOST

Basja, Nina, thank you very much for finding and sharing this wonderful recipe

Orshanochka, and you a huge merci that baked and revived the recipe - through you I came here. So I would not have tried this legendary bread in my life
Delicious bread! I checked it in my notebook, and it was he who baked it, only my recipe was probably taken from another source, since everything is given in a double proportion. I want to share my best practices on it.
I put the malt into saccharification in a hot bread maker, after I draw out the baked bread, I leave it plugged in - for another hour it is heated. Then I turn it off and leave it to cool in the same place, without opening the lid. The result is the same as in the oven, but much more convenient.
Due to the fact that I have a large portion recorded, but I don’t need to bake so much at once, I still knead everything at once,
but at this stage I divide
Quote: Basja
The dough is fermented for one and a half to two hours.
and leave to ferment half or 2/3, I put the rest in the cold (I have a summer kitchen with sub-zero temperatures). When I need to bring it in, I leave it for a few hours to warm up and come up, then I bake.
Elya_lug, Elya, thank you very much for your good advice!

Quote: Elya_lug
and leave to ferment half or 2/3, I put the rest in the cold (I have a summer kitchen with sub-zero temperatures). When I need to bring it in, I leave it for a few hours to warm up and come up, then I bake.

You read my thoughts! I've been making this bread and thinking, but if I could give it cold fermentation !!!

But he is already soooo delicious! And not so much intricate in performance! Just a delight!

Now I understand why he won medals.

I will repeat and definitely more than once.

And, I still thumped sourdough from the refrigerator there. For the scent. I took 50 grams of flour and 50 grams of water from the dough - I threw 100 grams of sourdough.

Tomorrow, in daylight, I will take pictures of the incision and bring them. But the crusts are gone - gobbled up
Svetlenki, Sveta I use cold fermentation rather out of laziness - to knead once and bake bread twice, but it turns out well.
by all means bookmark!
What a good recipe, just picking rye. I took it to the bookmarks, I will certainly try.
I drag the cut as I promised

Karelian bread according to GOST

Karelian bread according to GOST
Svetlenki, Svetik, dumb for INTO !!! We are always happy to help! I'm in Minsk with a friend now. On Thursday I baked a double portion and put it in the same cold expression - everything worked out great
Quote: Orshanochka
and put the same on a cold expression

So, girls, I will clarify again - how the dough was made, we put it in the refrigerator.Then we take it out, let it warm up, shape it, distribute it and bake it, right?

I also did a double bookmark at once. With our electricity prices, I can't drive the oven for one loaf
Basja, Nina, thanks for the recipe! The bread is fragrant and resembles "Borodinsky", but without the characteristic of "Borodinsky" sourness in the dough, the taste is soft, rich and so real, bread. The size of the loaves is really very small, which, on the one hand, is good, since it is a convenient size for a taste test, on the other hand, it ends very quickly and there is only one photo that I managed to take.
Karelian bread according to GOST
I cooked without raisins and with coriander, after kneading the dough, my hands retain the bread malt-coriander aroma, if you don't like it, it is better to work with gloves or knead the dough with a planetary mixer.
Several years ago, they stopped selling Karelian bread in shops nearby.
I tried to bake something like that myself. Tasty but not it. Today I found your recipe. I baked it .. and I love it! It is he!

Karelian bread according to GOST

Thank you! Delicious! Hearth baking.
She baked bread again. Very tasty. This time in shape and with prunes
Karelian bread according to GOST

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