In the store, this device was called a multicooker, but this, it seems to me, is not entirely true. I decided to call it a multi-furnace.
Multicuisine Delonghi FH1394

MULTICUISINE is a multicooker, airfryer, airfryer, oven and frying pan in 1 device

This is a new multifunctional device that will satisfy all your culinary needs.
Fully automatic multicuisine ensures excellent preparation of a variety of dishes.

CHOOSE cooking program

PUT food in the bowl

INSTALL time for preparing

RUN cooking process

CHECK cooking process

ENJOY favorite dish


Multicuisine is more than just a multicooker, it combines 5 functions.

prepares perfect French fries with minimal oil

for cooking meat, fish and grilled vegetables

ideal for soups, risottos, stews, sauces, cakes and desserts

consistently excellent result

does not require preheating

Multicuisine will help you prepare your favorite meals quickly and easily, thanks to the operation of two heating elements (upper and lower), as well as a fan that distributes heat evenly throughout the bowl.

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USE Stirring paddle

For roasts, risottos, stews and other dishes.


The removable spatula gently mixes ingredients throughout the cooking process, saving you time and effort.


Meat and fish fillets,
pizza, cakes and pies.

Benefits of innovative SHS technology

SHS (Circular Heating System), an exclusive technology from De'Longhi, is extremely efficient. It distributes heat evenly over the surface of the bowl: the upper heating element and the fan provide heating from above; the bottom heating element provides heating from the bottom; and the stirring paddle works automatically.

convection heating element

the second heating element is a unique feature of Multicuisine. Placing it under the bowl speeds up preparation and improves the quality of food.


convection heating element

combines the functions of a 1400 W heating element and a fan that evenly distributes the heated air, which allows you to cook with convection and grill.


heating element

an exclusive Multicuisine feature. The lower heating element has a power from 250W to 1000W and can work independently of the upper one, repeating the traditional cooking process.

This device has seven programs:
Stewing / Porridge-This program is ideal for preparing all types of risottos, cereals and for stewing.
Cake / Pie -This program is suitable for baking all types of cakes, muffins and cookies.
Pizza- The program is ideal for crispy pizza according to the best Italian traditions.
Air fryer- Program for cooking all types of potatoes.
Oven-Program for the preparation of excellent crispy breading, as well as for cooking roast, baked fish, bread and grilled vegetables with or without stirring pad.
Convection oven-It is recommended for cooking meat, fish, grilled vegetables.Great for completing the cooking of products that are first simmered in the oven, and then they need to be golden brown.
Multicooker- The program allows you to achieve a cooking similar to cooking in a saucepan, but with the advantage of a stirring paddle. Great for soups, jam, stewing, making sauces, boiling food.

Here is the appearance (the photo is from the phone so far, I will try to replace it):
Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394 Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394 Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394

The paddle in this device is removable. In each program, you can change the power (four positions) and the time, right in the cooking process.
Bowl diameter 26 cm. Volume 5 liters. The large volume allows you to bake tobacco-chickens, large pieces of boiled pork, cook whole fish, as well as fry cutlets, cheese cakes, etc. New generation ceramic coating. The durable and sustainable bowl coating has excellent non-stick properties and super-scratch resistance.

The set includes a very voluminous and colorful recipe book.
Greetings to everyone reading this Temko. I also got this device. Love at first sight can be said. Also in black and white.
Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394
Irina, congratulations! I am falling in love with her more and more, I hope she will not disappoint you either!
Anya, thank you very much! Purchased thanks to your feedback.
I tried to cook homemade pork sausage. Fast, rosy. Now I will do here, let the cartoon rest in this task.
cooked on the Oven mode 3 power level for 25 minutes.
Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394
Irin, what a rosy skin, she was already drooling! And now my champignons are baked.
So the mushrooms are ready. Oven program, power level 2, 25 minutes.
Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394
Anya, how delicious! What are these mushrooms baked in? Somehow I can't figure it out ... More details for the dull ones. And then I saw eggplant in the photo
Irin, can you?
These are stuffed mushrooms, I remove the legs, grind them, fry them with onions, add a little cheese and stuff the caps, grated cheese on top.
Which means we don't eat mushrooms. She took it for eggplant.
Anya, of course, come on, I'm all for it.
Annutka, and is it worth it? and where do they sell?
I also want this!

Sens, we ordered it in Technosila, through the website.
Annutka, she heats-cooks like an airfryer?
Sens, yes, she has the Airfryer program. She has a heating element on top and blows the product.
Made a curd casserole:
Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394
Oven program, second power level. The display shows the remaining time.
Annutka, and does it also have heating like in a multicooker?
There is also a multicooker mode, although I have not tried it yet, here's what is in the instructions:
This program is the same as cooking in a saucepan, but with the advantage of using a stirring paddle. Great for soups, jam, stewing, boiling food.
I cooked fries, for what I bought them. What to say? Offset !!!
Today was the dress rehearsal, my son liked it. Tomorrow my husband will come from a business trip, I will explain why I also need this unit.

Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394

I read the recipes, the capabilities of the device are superb. I will master it with enthusiasm.

Anya, I have a question about the casserole. They recommend putting parchment underneath, as I understand it, so that it is convenient to take it out of the bowl. How did you do?
Yes, sweet potatoes come out! Irin, I made the casserole right on the first evening, as I bought it and read it for paper and thought when the casserole was already baked, so I took it out, turning it over on the wire rack. And so, of course, it is better to put paper.
Irina... Congratulations on purchasing a miracle device. I look at him, but the price is biting and the description is not very clear. Does he have a stirrer?
Quote: Roza_Irina
Cooked fries
but describe the cooking program, plizzzz!
What I really like is the ability to cook large portions. French fries can be cooked at a time 1500-1700 gr.
Quote: natalia27

Irina... Congratulations on purchasing a miracle device. I look at him, but the price is biting and the description is not very clear.Does he have a stirrer?
Natasha, thanks for the congratulations!
There is a stirrer, it is removable. In some modes, it works with and without it. And on baked goods and bread, for example, the pin does not even spin, because nothing needs to be interfered with.
Quote: Sens

but describe the cooking program, plizzzz!
The fries cook quickly. They cleaned it, cut it (I made a quick mule), washed it in a colander under running water, dried it on a paper towel. Stirred with seasonings. Poured into a bowl with a stirrer, poured over with olia. There is a measuring cup, depending on the volume of potatoes, a different amount. But very little. And the Airfryer mode is 3 power level. The time depends on the volume. I had 500g of potatoes for two, then it was cooked in 23 minutes. There is no need to interfere. The oven will do everything by itself. I only peeped out the window.
By the way, the window does not fog up.
Quote: Sens

but describe the cooking program, plizzzz!

I cooked from frozen potatoes, 1 kg cooks for 30 minutes. The first few minutes are heated, and after a few minutes, stirring begins. Pieces are evenly fried, with a crispy crust. No oil is needed for frozen potatoes.
What a beauty, frozen in 30 minutes as much as 1kg.
But today I looked at our frozen potatoes for sale. 1 kg costs 46 UAH, which is 10, if not more times more expensive than ordinary potatoes. So we will fry the usual one.
Irin, we also have a higher price for it than for a regular one, but with the advent of this device, a couple of bags are in the freezer just in case.
Seven-year plan
Girls!!! Today I watched it and Technosile live !!!
I was right there, in the store, I wanted to stay, live with her !!!!
Not allowed !!! ......
How I wanted her !!! But the price !!! ....
And here is the question.
How do you bake? There is also a pin. Does it interfere?
Quote: Seven-year

And here is the question.
How do you bake? There is also a pin. Does it interfere?
Svetlana, the pin is very small, and the indentation is at the bottom of the baking, it is not visible. I baked bread, so the hole is much smaller than from a stirrer from a bread machine.
Girls, I want to join your warm company. All night I tried to convince myself that I didn't need it, and by morning I was sure I didn't need it.
The result of negotiations with myself - I already have it, I fried potatoes, but questions arose. At the beginning of cooking, steam came out from under the lid on the front side and condensation accumulates there; when you press the lid, it springs, as if it were not closed properly. Is this how it should be or am I married?
I had 750 grams of potatoes, and I chose the power according to the instructions for 26 minutes, but in 26 minutes it did not brown at all, it remained natural, but was ready. At the end of the time, I had to turn it on again and add power, after 33 minutes from the start of cooking, it was slightly fried. By the end of the preparation, my husband came home from work, saw a working unit, asked ... is it possible to fly on it and how much does it cost? She said it was expensive, but bought it at a very good discount. In general, he was probably very hungry, because he did not delve into it (and I broke my whole head, poor poor man, how to tell him more delicately about my purchase).
natalia27, Congratulations! Our ranks are growing!
Now I closed the lid several times, it doesn't seem to spring, it closes very easily, as if with a latch.
Natasha, have you fried ordinary or frozen potatoes? So far I have only made frozen ones. I poured a package of 1 kg, fried for half an hour, browned well. Maybe your power was low? Did you forget to add oil? And when you cook fries from non-frozen potatoes, it is advisable to rinse them after cutting and dry them.
Anna, thanks for the congratulations. The potatoes were fresh, power and oil according to the recipe, washed, dried. The reason may be that the voltage in our house is low. Next time I will put more power. But I'm worried about the steam from under the lid, if it shouldn't be, then maybe this is the reason.
I really want to cook something else, but nothing smart, looking at night, does not enter my head. Studying a recipe book, a very functional thing.
All night I tried to convince myself that I didn't need it, and by morning I was sure I didn't need it.
The result of negotiations with myself - I already have it

A similar situation ... I held out for two days, as a result I have the device
Cooked tobacco chicken and frozen fries today.
What can I say - I am satisfied with the result. I especially liked FRI and my daughter, better than anywhere else in public catering, the most important thing is that absolutely no butter!
The workmanship of the multicooker is excellent, not like my Panasonic 550, which melted on the third day.
Natasha, yes, I myself am still in the process of mastering it, my husband and son gave it to me before the New Year. Steam from the holes in the lid comes out during cooking, but not much. And to fry harder, add power before the end of cooking. I do this when I cook myself, without instructions. I already look at the eye when to add or decrease power and time.
vzpharm, congratulations on your purchase!
Seven-year plan
Annutka, Anna, and how much did it cost you?
And the girls from Ukraine? How many are in yours and at what rate?
It seems to me that we have set an inadequate price !!!
And I can't sleep anymore !!! I dream about it !!!
Although Afochka XL is! But this one is so beautiful !!!! ....
Is it good for me or not? !!!!! .....
Vzparm, congratulations on your purchase and hope that she will delight us with delicious and healthy dishes
Anna, the fact is that steam does not come from the holes in the lid, but from under the lid in the area of ​​the handle.
Seven-year plan, Svetlana, I also have Afochka, though not XL, but small, but DeLoghi, more functional, and the size is good.
Quote: natalia27

Anna, the fact is that steam does not come from the holes in the lid, but from under the lid in the area of ​​the handle.

Natasha, I don't seem to have that. Tomorrow I'll cook something and watch. My lid closes, as if with a slight click, and the bowl is fully inserted?
Maybe someone else will write like theirs?
I saw, fell in love, bought. I cooked raw potatoes, steam also went near the handle, forms condensation, fried homemade sausage 1kg 800g-oven 3 level 25 min + air grill 10 min 4 level -very tasty, fried vegetables (mushrooms, peppers, onions, zucchini) + chicken thighs-oven 40min 3 level- delicious!!! I also made potatoes in the oven mode, I liked it more than in an air fryer. It is very tasty to dry croutons and nuts in an air fryer. I liked the recipe book very much.
Olya, congratulations on your new assistant and thank you for telling us a couple of pairs, so it should be so, otherwise I was already worried. Tomorrow I'll start to understand in more detail.
After all, there is no O-ring, so steam, when there is a lot of it, comes from under the lid.
madpositive, Olya, congratulations on your purchase!
Girls and as I understood the boys, congratulations on your purchases! How nice that the company is growing. Share your creations, it is very interesting to look at the pictures, to lick your lips. Spread it out - don't hesitate!
I don't have time to cook as fast as everyone else. Somehow our family slowly eats everything.
I tried to bake milk bread. Kneading in HP, 30 minutes rose in the oven. I baked for 20 minutes on Oven power level 2 and Oven power level 1 for 20 minutes. Deep-fried, with a strong crust. After proofing, greased with sunflower oil, it is a little glass, smudges are visible. I will correct it next time ... It will cool down, I'll see what happened in the middle.
Help yourself!
Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394
Seven-year plan
Roza_Irina, Irina, that's lovely!!!
So beautiful! And kruuglenky !!!
Come on! Give us a cutter !!!
She cut the bread. Very soft crumb. The bottom crust crunches pleasantly, the top one for some reason no longer exists. The crust is not as thick as it seemed to me at first. Only the crust crumbles. It is very similar to the bread that I make in a multicooker shtebe, but then I have to run around with a bowl and brown the top. It differs from the one cooked in HP, the crumb is softer, not so prickly. In HP I bake only French due to the fact that the dough is thin and it is simply unrealistic to take it out of the bucket. But the most favorite bread.
So the stove is set off. So far, very happy.
Multi-oven DeLonghi FH1394
Ira! The bread is very beautiful and looks very appetizing! Yes, bread set off! And the stove too !!!
What a good bread. I see it HP can easily replace. I like her more and more, I hope she no longer imitates.
Seven-year plan
Irina! In the context, it is even better !!!
The stove is great !!! Test her !!!
Well, the hostess has golden hands !!!!
And what kind of baking dish can be put there, for example, 24 cm in diameter, the pin is about what height?
ir, Irina, pin height 1.2 cm, bowl diameter 26 cm.

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