Wackelpudding - Wackelpudding (yeast)

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Wackelpudding - Wackelpudding (yeast)



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  • The simplest recipe for one of the most popular desserts. Especially loved by children.
  • Actually, its official name is Götterspeise, but among the people it is Wackelpudding from the word wackeln - wiggle, shake.
  • It is sometimes called Wackelpeter. A green wakel pudding is called Froschsülze from the word Frosch frog.
  • And sometimes you can hear how this word is teased.
  • There is nothing special in this recipe, but since we are getting acquainted with German cuisine, I decided to put it all the same.
  • So, we need half a liter of either juice, or fruit drink from boiled berries. Choose the proportions of berry ^ sugar to taste.
  • Sometimes there is nothing tasty at home, then you can make from lemon and sugar, there will be light wakelpudding. That is, there is room for imagination.
  • You can make from juices of different colors, decorate, put something inside, you can make a layer for the cake.
  • Pour a pack of gelatin into cold juice, let stand, heat, and pour hot into molds.
  • Decorate or serve with sauce.
  • In Germany it is usually served with vanilla sauce, or whipped cream.
  • Wackelpudding - Wackelpudding (yeast)


I hesitated for a long time whether to put such a simple recipe, but when asked about a popular German dessert, the answers always include wakelpudding.
Therefore, the recipe is ..

Oh, and our grandmother often did this! I especially love homemade peach compote Thanks for reminding me
And my mother always made from homemade cherry compote. Indeed - a yeast! Great recipe!
I also made juice from cherry compote, and made juice from peaches.
Gelatin is good for joints, my husband starts having problems, so now we need to do it more often.
It's good that the recipe turned out to be a reminder
Lerele, thanks for the recipe! I really like these - to be quick, simple and tasty.
Yes, it couldn't be easier.
And children like this, they often serve it on others, decorated in every possible way. There are so many opportunities for creativity. Doppleta has a very beautiful vakelpudding recipe, only with a Russian name.
I love simple recipes, thanks for the forgotten dessert
Lerele, children a cold dog and a yeast, and you can sit in silence .... 10 minutes))))
Lerele, thanks for the recipe from childhood !!! Oddly enough, the children are calm, and my husband was impressed) apparently also remembered childhood
Rottis, cool, what I did and liked it !!
Quote: Lerele
I hesitated for a long time whether to put such a simple recipe,
Wah, it's good that the recipe "surfaced", appeared in the feed, otherwise it would have passed by, the recipe for me is definitely lazy. Thank you!
Oh, I went to cook the fruit drink and make a yeast!
And I, and I !!!
Antonovka, Lena, thanks for raising the recipe
Can you take any gelatin?
I only have a blue Dr. Jellied meat opener
Antonovka, yeah, to me the same at home.
I often do, my grandson asks for this all the time, and jelly too.
Lerelethank you for the recipe

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