Baden-style casserole

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Baden-style casserole


Fish fillet (preferably white) 500 g
Small pasta (ideally spetzle) 100 g
Sauerkraut 500 g
Apple 2 pcs.
Onion 1 PC.
Cream 15-20% 200 ml
Egg 3 pcs.
Schnapps (vodka) 2 tbsp. l.
Lard (oil sl.) For frying 2 tbsp. l.
Salt pepper taste
Ground nutmeg pinch
Lemon juice 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • Growing up in the era of Soviet "fish Thursdays", I had to eat fish in a variety of combinations and with the most amazing side dishes. But in this combination, "Baden style", I tried fish for the first time. I. know - very much!
  • The recipe came to me in an adapted form, where instead of a spezle it was proposed to use shells, and horns, etc. I used Granmulino feathers with paprika. They should be boiled until half cooked and rinsed with cold water. Finely chop the onion and fry until transparent. Grate apples on a coarse grater, combine with washed and squeezed cabbage and, adding to the onion and mixing, simmer everything together under the lid, stirring, for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Baden-style casserole
  • Cut the fish fillet into strips and drizzle with lemon juice. Grease a baking dish with oil and alternately lay layers in it: cabbage, pasta, fish.
  • Baden-style casserole
  • For pouring, mix together eggs, cream and vodka, adding salt, pepper and nutmeg.
  • Baden-style casserole
  • We fill our workpiece
  • Baden-style casserole
  • And bake for half an hour in heated to 200about oven. Bon Appetit!
  • Baden-style casserole

Olga VB
Larik, a very interesting recipe, is original and absolutely accessible.
Will a red fish go for him or is it better with some thread of cod? Or fatter, like a catfish?
And sauerkraut is necessarily classic or can you Provence (early ripening)?
Apple - Antonovka or something indigestible?
I was very interested in the recipe, we love fish in all forms.
Olenka, my husband is also a fish-eater (I’m more for meat). So he ate almost everything himself, the rest got little, although everyone liked it. It's better to take the white fish: both cod and catfish - great! Any cabbage is good, it will still be stewed and saturated with the taste of fish, and the nuance between washed sour or provencal will not be noticeable. An apple - I just had an Antonovka, but I don't think they are familiar with it in Baden-Baden - so, too, take what you have. It will be tasty anyway.
Olga VB
Already bookmarked!
So, and so the fish dishes went. There are not enough of them in the competition yet. Well done! Very interesting casserole. We take it on a pencil.
Scops owl
Larka, and I take it away. It's interesting to try this combination. Fish, cabbage, spetzle I can't even imagine, I have to do it.
In! I am writing - I also reacted with disbelief at first! And completely in vain!
Larisa is brilliant and very suitable for my voracious family, which always wants "Pancake from the sun"
Sofia Sergeevna
dopleta, Tell me, what role does the presence of vodka play here? what do you think is possible without it?
Quote: Sophia Sergeevna

dopleta, Tell me, what role does the presence of vodka play here? what do you think is possible without it?
yes, by the way, and I'm interested. I think it can be replaced with mayonnaise for children
I don’t know what role schnapps plays, I didn’t have time to feel it, but, apparently, at SUCH resort without it - well, nothing! I'm joking. Of course, for children, you can safely clean up. And for myself - well, if everything else is authentic, then I would not. Still, I want to feel "for real".
Olga VB
By the way, I have been making all fish dishes with a spoonful of vodka for a long time.
In our family, only I consume vodka and only for fish dishes.
It is difficult to describe the difference, but try it yourself with and without - you will also add vodka to the fish.
Larissa, great recipe for fish! Alcohol does the right thing - it improves and ennobles the dish, and it will evaporate back home!
Elena Tim
I won't even close this page, so as not to forget! I love all sorts of casseroles, let alone cabbage ... finally a song!
An unusual combination for me - fish, sauerkraut and pasta. I love everything individually, but I can't imagine it together, so I have to try the nakvash as soon as the cabbage, and right away.
Thank you, Laris
Quote: Maroussia
An unusual combination for me - fish, sauerkraut and pasta
Probably, you can hardly find a person for whom this combination is usual, Maroussia ... Well, maybe in Baden-Baden.
Oh, I just saw - there are also apples
The original recipe is from here: 🔗
barska, thanks, I already lamented and wrote HEREthat after three days the "edit" button disappears in the recipe, and, having forgotten to enter the source, the text can no longer be corrected. The only thing is, I took it from another site, from here Thanks again!
Great casserole, thanks Larissa,
I love fish in any form and any origin
In the bookmarks, you really have to lie down for now, they ate sauerkraut a long time ago, and now it's time for fresh vegetables))

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