Boiled beef goulash "Exotic"

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Boiled Beef Goulash Exotic


Boiled beef 300 g
medium carrots 1 PC
a tomato 1 PC
canned pineapple pieces 100 g
1/2 orange juice
water 1 st
spices for chicken / curry 1-2 tbsp. l.
starch 1 tbsp. l.
honey 1 tsp
salt (if spices are without salt) taste

Cooking method

  • 1. Cut the beef into cubes, carrots into strips, peel the tomato and cut into cubes, chop the pineapple smaller. Place in a steel bowl.
  • 2. Dissolve the starch in cold water, pour over the meat and vegetables. Squeeze the juice from 1/2 orange there.
  • 3. Add the spices, close the lid, the valve, select the Meat setting 0.7 bar 30 min. At the end of the program, wait until the temperature drops below 100 degrees and bleed off the remaining steam.
  • 4. Open the lid, stir, add honey to the finished goulash.
  • Bon Appetit!

The dish is designed for

4 servings

Time for preparing:

preparation of ingredients + 30 min program

Cooking program:



There is a piece of boiled beef left, but what to do with it? I don't feel like meat salad ... I met a recipe for boiled beef goulash on the Internet. The recipe itself did not inspire, but the idea stuck in my head. I scraped the bottom of the barrel and it turned out very tasty, but it is easy to cook, thanks to Stebe

Why is there so much: 30 minutes at 0.7? The beef is already ready ...
firstly, so that the meat becomes like stew, I do not like fibers (although the beef is boiled, but not the softest piece), secondly, in the recipe pineapples, and they do not boil, I cooked chicken with pineapples several times, so they saved original structure (cooked on the stove, not in a pressure cooker). It turned out to be soft-elastic, as I wanted. You can reduce the time, I have not tried it. I really liked it, so I hurried to share the recipe!

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