Borek (with meat and potatoes)

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Borek (with meat and potatoes)


Flour 500 g
Water 250 ml
Salt 1 tsp
Vegetable oil 100 ml
Ghee (margarine) 100 g
Meat 300-400 g
Potatoes 200-300 g
Onion 150-200 g
Soy Soum 50 ml
Paprika, ground black, red hot pepper, cumin, cumin taste

Cooking method

  • Dough in water, proofing 30 min.
  • Roll out the dough as thin as possible, grease with melted margarine + vegetable oil, fold the roll of dough 2-3 layers (more if desired), each layer is greased.
  • Put the filling in the middle, wrap tightly
  • Borek (with meat and potatoes)
  • Fold on a baking sheet as you like, as in the photo, you can portionwise small bagels, well, what will your fantasy tell
  • Borek (with meat and potatoes)
  • Grease everything with a margarine-butter mixture and bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes.
  • Bon Appetit!!!
  • Borek (with meat and potatoes)

The dish is designed for

15-20 servings

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:

Noodle cutter


The filling and shape depends on your imagination
The most common fillings: feta cheese, cottage cheese, minced meat, greens, and sometimes beans
Shape: large (as pictured), mini portions, cigar-shaped ...

Malika you Lena Tim need to open the topic on Uzbek cuisine. There are already a lot of recipes and he feels the washes of his heart will come.
Natalya, I will gladly share all the recipes and secrets of Uzbek and other cuisines

Thanks from all Asian food lovers.
You're welcome.

Ask what recipes you would like to see on the site in my performance

I am happy to share recipes.
Scops owl
Roll out the dough as thin as possible, grease with melted margarine + vegetable oil, fold the roll of dough 2-3 layers (more if desired), each layer is greased.
Did I understand correctly, mix butter with margarine and smear all the dough rolled out? Then fold it again, anoint the top and repeat again?
Larissa, right. You need to grease each layer so that the dough is flaky. Margarine improves layering
Scops owl
Thank you Bookmark
Quote: lungwort
it is necessary to open the topic on Uzbek cuisine
Thank you, you suggested the idea of ​​the section National cuisine
And how is the filling prepared?
Natalia, Chefthanks for the national cuisine section

Sana, the filling is not cooked in any way, in the sense that it is not fried ... meat, potatoes, onions are cut into 0.5 cm cubes and mixed with spices, salt, I add soy sauce when I use pork (although it is not used in Turkish cuisine). The pork becomes juicy, it tastes like beef like this ...
Malika, thank you, great, what are you sharing. That's just all the recipes from my childhood, that's how my grandmother cooked. I have already tried it, everything works out great and quickly, and the taste
Marina, you're welcome!!! I am very glad that you liked it.
Malika, thanks for the recipe! The filling is almost like in manti, I can imagine how delicious it is!
Irina, you are welcome. You can choose the filling at your discretion. Apple strudel is made in the same way.
And meat and potatoes are still dearer and more satisfying
Tastes could not be discussed . Why shove margarine? Margarine contains palm oil, which is very harmful to health. Malika, let me disagree that this is Turkish cuisine. Such berek is not prepared here. In general, potatoes are not particularly in demand in this country. If they make a filling from it, then it is mainly baked goods called: kyr pide.
Tatyana, you can use ghee instead of margarine. Borek is, in principle, Turektsiy ... I do not pretend to be the originality of the recipe, but the filling to choose from.

I would be grateful if you share the recipe for Real Börek ...
Malika, I’m ashamed to admit, but I’m a lazy person, I’m cooking, but I’m putting it out, I’m having a problem. I think I’ll get myself together, but I’ll share it somehow.
Tatyana, I will be very glad to your recipes ... I would like to learn more about Turkish ingredients, spices ...
Yes, yes, I think many are interested!
Quote: sir

Such a berek is not prepared here. In general, potatoes are not particularly in demand in this country. If they make a filling from it, then it is mainly baked goods called: kyr pide.
I won't tell you for all Odessa Turkey, but where I've been, they cook such a berek, potatoes are popular, and they constantly make filling for pies, pies, flatbreads, etc. Well, kyr pide is made with different fillings - minced meat, spinach, potatoes, feta cheese.
Yes, when I made pies with cabbage, my husband (a Turk) said that normal people bake pies with potatoes or feta cheese.
Erhan, I have no right to litter this page, but it is a fact that potatoes are not popular in this country. It is most often used in the form of kyzartma, that is, fried. Pies are not cooked at all. Poacha Yes, she starts with potatoes, but that's a completely different story. My husband Turk loves pies with cabbage, okroshka and almost all of our cuisine, except for sprat and herring, he looks at me with horror and does not understand how it can be eaten
Erhan, sirmaybe you just live in different parts of Turkey
Chef, may be. It's just that Sera wrote on behalf of ALL Turkey, which, in my opinion, is not entirely correct.
Quote: Chef
maybe you just live in different parts of Turkey
I have no doubt that it is. I live in Bodrum. The Turks themselves consider the side of Antalya to be Russified. I have been living here since 1998 and I can repeat that potatoes are not in great demand among TURKS. I'm not a scandalous person, but I defend my knowledge and my position not by hearsay, and there is nothing wrong here!
I don't know about all over Turkey, but in Istanbul, potatoes are not tasty. We even referred to it as "soap". And we tried not to buy it. And I quite believe that potatoes are not in demand there, unlike our countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.)
And I'm talking about this, of course they use it BUT! Now if, not this BUT! Drop the potatoes from the counters, they'll talk and forget. Stop the rice, beans, peas, this is a scandal, this is a disaster!
According to statistics of 2012, the consumption of plant products in Turkey:
1st place - wheat - 228.7 kg per person per year.
2nd place - tomatoes - 114.6 kg
3rd place - potatoes - 54.4 kg
Consumption of rice in the specified period 9.3 kg, chickpeas 5.5 kg, beans 3 kg per person
Girls, and with what in Turkey do Börek. Please list the fillings, I'll try to make
MalikaS, the first thing that comes to mind is feta cheese with herbs, minced meat with various additives, spinach with fried onions and spices, potatoes with fried onions. There was a chicken filling in a béchamel-type sauce. The stuffing for talash berek is made from pieces of lamb with vegetables. Reyhan-börek - carrots, spinach, cheese, jerky.
Erhan, Thank you. I will definitely try to do it with such fillings
Quote: Erhan
According to statistics from 2012, the consumption of plant foods in Turkey
I will give you a short answer, according to statistics, Erdoan bikes tells us that there is no inflation in the country, but what do you think is so?
Sorry, I will not answer anymore, this controversial issue
In the Aegean side, it is most used in filling (lor piinir), which has little resemblance to cottage cheese, it is mixed with green onions, spinach, nettles, dill, parsley, leeks, pasturma.
Malika, I really liked your recipe! Thank you!
Tell me, how many servings are there in the photo (where there is a whole baking sheet)? From what is indicated in the recipe, one sausage turns out?
And at the very beginning I did not understand: rolled thinly, then put layers on top of each other without cutting?
Rezlina, Thank you.

The portions depend on which slices you cut, well, 20 portions for sure.
From the products specified in the recipe, we got a baking sheet))
Yes, cut the layers, rolled out a long roll, grease one half, cover with the other half of the dough tape.
If you initially took a large piece of dough for rolling (which I do not advise, the dough tape will be long), then you can fold it 2-3 times, be sure to grease each layer. Before wrapping the filling, the roll was about 40-50 cm long.
Malika, thanks !!! It came))))
Don't put sunflower oil in the dough?
Not in the dough, only water, salt and flour.
Everything is clear now. Thanks for the clarification! Your recipes are very appetizing :)))
Your pie is very appetizing !!!
Can I use butter instead of margarine? And still it is necessary to roll a piece into a long tape, and not in a circle? And then fold this tape? Got it right?

yes, you can safely use butter, or ghee. You can roll out the dough as you like, I rolled it out with a noodle cutter, it's just inconvenient to work with a very long dough belt. Yes, fold the tape, having previously greased it with oil, so that there is oil between the layers of the dough, so that the dough does not stick to each other and there are layers during baking.
Olga VB
Malika, for the gifted:
Should the dough rest in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before rolling or at room temperature?
After a rest, do you need to knead it again or just roll it out?
If we roll it out, then my bed width turns out to be 14 cm, but what about you?
On which button is the last rolling (to what thickness do we bring the dough)?
Next, folding. If you fold 14 cm 2 times in half in width, you get 3.5 cm. How can you wrap something in 3.5 cm, and even pinch it?
Or do you need to fold along the length? That is, as a result of folding, what width of the dough should be obtained and how many layers are optimal?

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