Lemon cupcake with pears

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Lemon cupcake with pears


flour 150 g
almonds (grind in a blender) 50 g
corn starch 100 g
baking powder 2 tsp
chicken egg 4 things
butter (soft) 250 g
pear 3-4 pcs
powdered sugar 100 g
sugar 200 g
lemon zest 1 tbsp. l.
Lemon juice (squeeze juice from 1.5 lemons, measure out 3 tbsp. L. And place in a separate container) 1.5 pcs

Cooking method

  • Everything is very simple and fast, but how tasty and beautiful it looks, you judge! The recipe is simply created for those who have very little time, as well as for lovers of baking with lemon!
  • Sift flour, starch, baking powder together, add ground almonds and mix.
  • Lemon cupcake with pears
  • For the pearcake variant:
  • Peel and core the pears, save the stalks. Brush the pears with lemon juice so they don't darken.
  • Lemon cupcake with pears
  • Beat butter with sugar until white. Without stopping whisking, add eggs one by one.
  • Lemon cupcake with pears
  • Add half the almond flour, zest and half the lemon juice, stir with a spatula.
  • Lemon cupcake with pears
  • Add the remaining almond flour mixture and lemon juice and stir with a spatula. It turns out a creamy dough.
  • Lemon cupcake with pears
  • Cover the 10x20 cm form with moistened and well-wrung baking paper - it will fit well along the contours of the form. Fill 1/2 full with the dough and press the prepared pears into it so that the hole through which we removed the core is filled with the dough.
  • Lemon cupcake with pears
  • Place the remaining dough in a mold with a pipe 18 cm in diameter, well greased with margarine and sprinkled with flour. Bake muffins in a well-heated 180 ″ C oven for 30-35 minutes. Focus on your oven!
  • Let the prepared muffins cool in the form for 10 minutes and then free from it.
  • Lemon cupcake with pears
  • Glaze:
  • Prepare with powdered sugar, gradually adding left (3 tbsp. L) lemon juice and cover the completely cooled muffins with it.
  • Or you can just bake a cupcake without pears, it also turns out very tasty!
  • Lemon cupcake with pears
  • Help yourself!
  • Lemon cupcake with pears
  • Lemon cupcake with pears

The dish is designed for


Time for preparing:

60 minutes

Cooking program:


Natasha, this is beauty !!!!
Tata, and how delicious !!! Thank you!
Beautiful ... Unusual, original and, I have no doubt, delicious! Thank you, I'm taking it to your bookmarks!
Hope, bake to your health! Thank you!
urgently taking the recipe to bookmarks! the cupcake should be amazingly tasty and aromatic, and the photos of the pastry are great
Natasha, great idea, thanks !!!
Irina Dolars
Delicious !!!!! Lemon cupcake with pears
Natalia, thank you for such beauty and deliciousness. I will definitely use the recipe.
Incredible beauty! So the issue with the dessert for the old new year was resolved!)
Irina Dolars
Natasha, what pears are better to choose in terms of density and taste?
Which ones are preferable? Hard ones? Like "conference"?
Now only Chinese are on sale.
SanechkaA, Alexandra, Messalina,natalia27 Thank you very much!

Irina, I used winter pears, they are popular in Greece! if the pears are of softer varieties, then it is better not to peel them, and so, it seems to me that any will do, just not "stone" ones, but juicy and with a delicate consistency!
Natasha At first I thought - it seemed to me from my sleepyhead that the tails sticking out of the cake is great! I'll bookmark
Quote: Elven

... the tails sticking out of the cupcake is awesome! I'll bookmark

These are the stalks ... but just like the tails
Vooot! When I pierced my eyes, then I realized that these are stalks
natapit, tell me, and corn starch can be replaced (but somehow I haven't got it yet) and the better to eat corn flour or potato starch
Olesya, no, or corn starch or +50 g flour instead! i.e. total = 200 g flour
only wheat, right?
Quote: Irina Dolars
Which is preferable? Hard ones? Like "conference"?
Now only Chinese are on sale.

Irin. I'm just baking with a pear "conference" I chose, well, as much as possible, softer and more ripe (conditionally)
You know, they turned out to be very juicy and quite sweet. One thing ... their shape is very high. I had to cut the "butts". And all the same, not only tails peep out, but also pears.
yes, if you bake, then do not stuff pears a lot and often (I just did it) The dough is not baked between pears. It's already baked on the edge, and the middle is still swaying.
Or wrap a wet towel around the baking dish for even baking.
And one more tip for those who will bake. Do not be lazy to do as Natasha writes (an intelligent person). Cover the form with paper. And so that the ends stick out of the mold. Because of the protruding tails, the cake cannot be turned over. And by the paper, you will pull the cake out of the mold. Without paper (as some have done, let's not point a finger), break the whole cupcake.
Olesya, Yes, right!
Husky, Luda, I'm waiting for your impressions! aaaaaahhhh ... read your last comment .... how it broke ... uuuu ...
Irina Dolars
Can I use a non-stick mat then?
I baked a biscuit on it. You don't even need to turn it over. You just keep in shape, and the rug is easy to remove. Only pull
I have this:
Lemon cupcake with pears
Irin, if he "hugs" the form, then why not!
Irina Dolars
No, this rug cannot be wrinkled. I put a form without a bottom on it.
You can do otherwise: cut a strip from such a rug along the width of the bottom, and the length is equal to the bottom + two short sides of the form. And put instead of paper.
After baking, walk with a knife along two walls, and pull out the cake by pulling the edges.

More or less like this:
Lemon cupcake with pears
for me, it's easier with paper! only it must be wetted and squeezed out, then it just hugs the shape!
Irin, if this rug will go beyond the edges of the form, then you can use it. You need edges, no matter what, so that you can pull and pull the baked cake out of the mold for them.
Here's a cupcake I got.
I stuffed the pears with dried apricots with nuts and dried cranberries with nuts.
Lemon cupcake with pears Lemon cupcake with pears

Baked for 45 minutes at 180 degrees. The middle is not baked yet.
She wrapped the form with a wet napkin with foil (without removing the cake from the oven) and set it to bake for another 20 minutes at the same temperature.
She let the cake cool down and began to try to take it out of the mold.
He lagged behind the walls without any help, the bottom was covered with paper (I knew that in this form it was enough just to grease the sides and the cake would fall out by itself)
But I didn’t think that I couldn’t turn it over completely. I tried to turn it over on its side and then pull out the cake sideways somehow.
Did not work out. The cupcake fell apart !!! All !!! To the ground !!! Gathered in pieces.
Pleases only one thing. It is tasty!! Very tasty!! But ... broken.
So I wanted to treat the girls tomorrow.

Lemon cupcake with pears Lemon cupcake with pears Lemon cupcake with pears Lemon cupcake with pears

This left me with the dough and I baked 4 cupcakes. Cupcake in the rift.

Lemon cupcake with pears

What a beauty!
Hasochka, no need to cry, it's a shame, of course, that it's broken, but it's delicious: girl_wink: but with stuffed pears, in my opinion, this is a super idea
Luda, I also had an idea to stuff pears, but ... I was afraid that such a light dough would be so loaded ... + due to this, the baking time increased, you can bake such a cake with apples, but let there still be dough inside ! Thank you for such a detailed report! I always write about paper in detail, but apparently more details are needed!
Ntashenka, for the umpteenth time just delighted with the beauty that you offer! Thank you very much for your talent and inexhaustible imagination!
Elena, Gaelthank you girls
kotyuchok, Olesya, delicious!! How delicious !! I spoke delicious when I ate pieces of a crumbling cake. And more and more in the middle. Soft, crumbly, with a light hint of lemon.
But now I ate a piece with a crust, pear and lemon icing on top !! MMMMMM! Story.
The cake has a very interesting structure. The top is crispy, crumbly. Something like shortbread dough, but inside is soft and also crumbly dough. And when you come across lemon icing, and even a pear, all together it is ... a song.
But ... note that Natasha did not completely cover the cake with icing, but only in this way, in some places, like a spray. And that's quite enough. Otherwise, it can be sour if there is a lot of glaze.
Do everything as Natasha did !!
Don't do everything I did as a gag !!
Natasha, you wrote everything correctly about the paper, but even if there was a hint that this is not for baking, so that the cupcake does not stick to the form, but in order to get it you could pull the cake.
I haven’t yet come across the fact that I can’t get the cake, because I can’t turn the cake completely on protruding pears and tails, I thought you just laid it with paper, as usual for baking.
I know my shape well. I know that even biscuit dough, let alone cupcake dough, does not stick to her if you grease it. I thought it would be baked, I will dump the cake, as usual on a towel.
And further. I saw that my shape is bigger, so I need to use more pears. And I needed to pay attention to the distance between the pears. You have it much more. Therefore, the dough was easier to bake than mine with a small distance between the pears.
But the dough is baked. True, it took more time.
I am writing in such detail so that those who follow me do not repeat my mistakes.
I also baked, taste, very winter pastries, sunny yellow cake with lemon flavor, and pear song

Well, I, like Huska, is not obedient, I wrote above that I don't have corn starch, and Natasha suggested replacing everything with wheat flour, but I'm wondering (today I just bought corn flour and didn't bake anything from it yet), but the compiler of this I read the cake and felt it on my tongue, so I decided to add 50 grams of corn flour, I don’t know what taste is in the original, but we really liked it, thanks. I made 1/2 portions together with my husband, they dwindled (there was a piece left, but I think it will not live up to the morning

Another request, Natasha, if possible, somehow, on occasion, measure how much g / ml of lemon juice goes into the dough, otherwise lemons are so different, I have half of the squeezed out according to the recipe, I was afraid that there would be a very liquid dough, and I baked my half cake for about an hour at 180, but this is how all the baked goods are baked.

I confirm about the icing, it’s definitely sour, maybe I got such a lemon, my husband said that he had too much icing, but I really like it, I just thought that this could all be done with an orange or the wrong coat

Lemon cupcake with pears Lemon cupcake with pears Lemon cupcake with pears
Lemon cupcake with pears Lemon cupcake with pears
delicious! Thank you very much!) instead of glaze, I stirred condensed milk with lemon juice (there was no powder) it turned out very gently! and added walnuts and ginger root to the rest of the dough. got warming cupcakes!
Olesya, Messalina, girls, thanks for the reports! glad I liked the cupcake!
I confirm, very tasty!
had the pleasure of trying visiting Husky.
Another question was born. Is it possible to bake this cake in a silicone mold with a beautiful bottom, and cut the pears into small pieces and press into the dough. All that remains is to turn the cupcake over and decorate with icing. Is this option possible?
certainly possible!
Hello everyone! Thanks for the wonderful cupcake recipe! He was prompted to cook by the fact that by chance (for a year now I've been hunting) cornstarch came across in the store. I bought it without hesitation. The only thing baked without pears - 1. was afraid that it would be badly baked; 2. all imported pears! (I don’t know what happened in the end)
Great cupcake, on firm 5. For the first time I saw such a structure, very crumbly, but not dry! It is very light in taste and beautiful in color (slightly golden inside). I baked a full portion in a silicone mold like natapit in the photo with a hole inside
Rises very much! Thank God I didn't fall out of shape ...True, not much adhered to the silicone, although I greased it well and sprinkled it with flour (or shouldn't I?)
And lastly, without lemon glaze, it is not at all the coat, but my husband does not need it! These strange men Bake to your health! The cupcake is successful, and it turns out even with inexperienced housewives like me!
It looks so appetizing and beautiful, but only fresh pears are needed or can be replaced with canned ones
Natalia, thank you very much for such a wonderful cupcake. I liked it very much. I did everything according to the recipe, well, very tasty, crumbly and at the same time moist inside, tasty crust with a slight acidity.
The husband ate half at once Lemon cupcake with pears

Lemon cupcake with pears

Quote: Iron

It looks so appetizing and beautiful, but only fresh pears are needed or can be replaced with canned ones

no, the canned ones will give off a lot of juice and the cake will float, only fresh pears or apples!
Yana, Lily, thanks for the beautiful and delicious reports!
sorry, we'll wait for summer!
Natalia! :) Cupcake otpad! And again I took your recipe, cooking algorithm and advice from old-timers of the forum to your bookmarks. My husband, looking over his shoulder at the monitor and seeing a photo of your cupcake, was as delighted as I was, even though he doesn't like sweets. After collecting all the ingredients, I will bake.
Thank you very much!
Anastasia, I will wait for the report! good luck!
Thanks a lot for the cupcake. But I deviated from the recipe a little. I baked muffins in corrugated paper tins. And put a piece of pear in each. It turned out 12 pieces. I didn't have time to take a picture, in the morning they took me to work.
The pear was cut into 6 parts, each pressed into the dough (along in half, across in half and the lower parts in half, that is, the upper part into 2 parts, and the lower part into 4).

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