Pumpkin pudding

Category: Vegetable dishes


Pumpkin 500 g
Handful of rice 1
Handful of semolina 1
Salt taste
Milk 250 ml
Butter 1 st. l.

Cooking method

  • Lightly boil rice in water, add pumpkin pieces, salt, sugar.
  • Stir all the time until the end of cooking.
  • Boil pumpkin and rice until tender, add milk, let it boil.
  • Carefully add semolina, add oil.
  • Bring down the hot with a hand blender.
  • Pour into containers.
  • It can be eaten warm, but it is especially tasty when cold.

$ vetLana
DonnaRosa, liked the ingredients, decided to cook.
Since there is no photo of your casserole, I do not know what should happen.
I got it: the consistency of a puree soup, the taste is similar to mousse, it looks like beaten eggs.
Before whipping in the blender (the submersible was broken) there seemed to be little liquid, and when I beat it, it turned out to be a soup.
Light, and taste? "Like soup", is it delicious?
$ vetLana
Larissa, I do not remember . I looked for the records, but could not find it.

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