Boiled corn in a Brand 6050 pressure cooker

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Boiled corn in a Brand 6050 pressure cooker



Cooking method

  • Put the corn in a bowl, add water. I had 4 cobs of corn, two rows, the second row was half filled.
  • SOUP program for 35 minutes.
  • The corn is well cooked, not soft, but not hard either.

Time for preparing:

35 minutes

Cooking program:



The other day I was looking for a recipe for how to cook corn in a pressure cooker, I did not find it, I decided to try it myself. First, I put the soup for 20 minutes, checked, the corn was not cooked. I added 15 minutes, everything worked out, today I repeated and cooked 4 cobs, 35 minutes on the SOUP I really liked !!!!!!
Bon Appetit!!

There is a faster way in the microwave: we take my corn, do not cut the greens, put them in a food bag and tie them well so that there are no cracks, the maximum power is 10 minutes and the meal is served.
W about microvella, I did not know at all that you can cook corn in it. I only have it for warming up and defrosting.
I cook a pressure cooker in March MT1930 .. 20 minutes for stewing ... I think 15 minutes will be enough. Extraordinary th taste.
And I was not ready in 20 minutes. It was solid, and it separated badly.
Maybe it also depends on the variety, I read somewhere here that young corn is cooked very little, maybe you have corn from this series that is fast-cooking.
Agree. I had a multicooker-ARS young corn in 15 minutes was ready. The old one must be cooked for about 30 minutes.
I noticed that the cooking time of the product depends on the taste.
Someone cooks beef in a pressure cooker for 20 or 30 minutes and says it's done, gently. And I cook for 50 minutes or even an hour, so that the bones fall off by themselves. So it is with corn, someone may like it harder, I'm softer.
Hence, the time is different for everyone. And the products too, and the variety, and ripeness.

Eh, it's a pity that corn on the cob is not sold anywhere in our city
I cooked corn in a double boiler for 30 minutes. was very soft. Generally they told me. that on the stove in a saucepan you need to cook for 15 minutes. then it hardens, maybe it's like with squid?
On the PAR mode in 6050, too (for yellow), I set it from 20 to 30 minutes. It is considered stern, and white dining room, although if the white is overripe, then you will not boil it. I like steam more, for some reason it seems that corn gives all its juices and usefulness into the water, and then we pour it out. Yes, and less water (0.5 m / st), therefore, the time for heating is also less.
The water only smelled a little of corn and didn't even change color.
Thanks for one more way of cooking corn.
Quote: Elven

Eh, it's a pity that corn on the cob is not sold anywhere in our city
I didn't think anything like that could be ...
it is grown everywhere, yes, let it go for feed,
but it also remains for sale.
corn och. love, August-September is the corniest season, always waiting
today I bought 4 things, beautiful, juicy and sweet,
here they are sold by the piece, on average it comes out somewhere about 15 rubles apiece,
boiled, however, in water, and here I look at a twig, I will try on the trail. once in a cartoon
Here, it's cool, but it was with the purchase of a pressure cooker (here on the forum from Talameya) that I learned how to cook awesome corn for 5-7 !!! minutes
I pour water up to 1/5, put corn on the steam rack and put it on high pressure for 5-7 minutes. Then I relieve the pressure forcibly.
Do not believe me, check! Previously, our whole family, up to the third generation, cooked corn for 2 hours on the stove, but it turns out to be like squid - the longer the cooked, the tougher.
Well, there are so many ways to cook corn !! Thank you!!
Lerele, and today I cooked corn like that - everything turned out great! Thank you!
fomca, and I cooked the day before yesterday, and I also said thank you to myself
Tell me it's so delicious, right ???
Ira, thanks! I cooked corn in 6L Shtebochka. I decided to take a chance and set 7 minutes on the Vegetables mode, added about 800 ml of water. At the end of the program, the scoreboard was 111C, I waited until the temperature dropped to 99C (it took about 12 minutes), then forcibly released the remaining pressure.
The corn is ready! I did not expect that this time would be enough, apparently here it is true, as with squid ...

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