Chocolate Monkey Bread in Stadler Form

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Chocolate Monkey Bread in Stadler Form


wheat flour 3 glasses
egg 1 PC
milk 1 st
salt 1 tsp
oil drain. (into dough) 2 tbsp. l.
dry yeast 2.5 tsp
oil sl. (melted) 80 g
sugar (for sprinkling) 200 g
cocoa (for sprinkling) 2.5 tbsp. l

Cooking method

  • 3 tbsp. flour, 1 tbsp. milk, 1 egg, 1 tsp. salt, yeast 2.5 tsp, drain oil. 2 tbsp. Knead spoons in hp on the "dough" or "main" program, you can use a combine or by hand. While the dough is standing and doubled, you need to melt gr. 80 cl. butter, mix 200g in a plate. sugar and 2.5 tbsp. l. cocoa, I take a little less sugar, and add cinnamon to the cocoa optionally. Grease a multi-pot with butter and sprinkle with cocoa and sugar. When the dough comes up, divide it into small balls (I make it the size of a plum, but the smaller it will be the sweeter in the end), dip each in butter, then in the sugar mixture, fold a little loosely into a saucepan, let it come up a half or two times and bake 60-70 minutes

The dish is designed for

for 4-5 eaters

Time for preparing:

about 2 hours both proofings + baking hour

Cooking program:

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In the photo, the loaf looks burnt, but in the photo this effect is given by caramelized sugar + cocoa + cinnamon. Try it, you won't regret it)

I take the ingredients in multi-glasses, the original recipe included a 250g glass!

She took the recipe from the cook. ru, a huge thank you to the author of the recipe!

Quote: V-tina

She took the recipe from the cook. ru, a huge thank you to the author of the recipe!

and who is this?
I’ll be glad that you are promoting his recipe to the masses
we will bake somehow, when it will not be so hot, in winter, closer to the new year.
Thanks for the recipe
Teen, delicious, probably the bread turned out! And most importantly - unusual!
We have a lot of different kinds of bread

HERE... I baked in HP gashin orange grove, very tasty

Quote: IRR

We have a lot of different kinds of bread
Thank you, you need to study.
Girls, thanks for the kind words! Who exactly is the author - I don't remember, she bakes this bread either in HP or in the oven, but since I don't have an oven now, and the bread maker is for a small loaf, remembering that our stler is just superb, she decided to try baking in it, and I was not mistaken - it worked out and it's really very tasty
Tinochka, hooray !!! Now a separate recipe !!! All went to bookmarks)) we will sculpt)
Mashun, then show me!) There Irr threw a link to similar bread there above, everything is very interesting
Nina S
What glass do you take? How many grams?
Ninochka, in the original recipe a glass of 250g, I take multi-glasses, well, somehow I didn't finish it .. in grams, if with a multi-glass, then about 300-350g of flour
Nina S
Thank you, I will bake!
Show yourself later with the result of labor
Something is silent all (probably tasteless And I am so insanely delicious. Today I baked again Chocolate Monkey Bread in Stadler Form
Tinochka, but just not enough time for everything)
Well done))
Thank you, Mashul)

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