Stuffed pink salmon in dough

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Stuffed pink salmon in dough


pink salmon 1.3KG
mushrooms (I have champignons) 300 g
ready-made puff pastry 500 g
salt 1 tsp
sugar 1 tsp
rast. frying oil 2-3 st. l.
spinach (optional) bundle

Cooking method

  • How on Ksyukhin's name day they baked a pie with fishandNoah...
  • Today my daughter Oksanka has a birthday, well, I wanted to pamper my dear little man
  • In the freezer, a pink salmon carcass was waiting in the wings, and this recipe was languishing in bookmarks ...
  • I really love to cook according to the recipes of Oksana Putan, a professional chef who has worked for many years in a restaurant in the Far East ... She knows a lot about fish and seafood.
  • Let's go!
  • The text of the recipe is Oksanin, photos are mine. On Oksana's website, you can see an excellent MK for fish preparation.
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  • 1. Defrost the fish and clean well of the scales under running water. To clean pink salmon is simple - you just need to scrape the scales with a knife in the direction from the tail to the head.
  • 2. Cut off the head of the fish so that you get an even cut. (I advise you to immediately remove the gills from the head. After cutting the pink salmon for this recipe, from the scraps, the head and the seeds, you can cook yourself a fish soup based on a simple fish broth)
  • 3. Cut off the tail of the pink salmon at the level of the fins.
  • 4. Then remove the dorsal fin by making two deep cuts on one side of the fin and the other.
  • 5. Cut the small cartilaginous fin off the tail.
  • 6. Remove the large fin at the bottom of the tail, as well as the dorsal fin, using two deep cuts.
  • 7. Cut off the pectoral fins (abdomens) by grasping the cartilages at their base with a knife.
  • 8. You should have a neat, whole fish without fins and head.
  • You need to carefully cut the fish into fillets. To do this, first separate the thin abdominal bones.
  • 9. Then in the opposite direction, separate the backbone from the fish pulp.
  • 10. Do the same on the other side.
  • 11. Remove the ridge completely.
  • 12. Feel the fillets well, checking for bone debris. If the bones come across, just pull them out with your hands.
  • 13. Make shallow cuts along the fillet, being careful not to cut the skin.
  • Stuffed pink salmon in dough
  • Sprinkle the pink salmon pulp with salt and sugar. Fold in half and set aside for a while.
  • Cut or tear the mushrooms into small pieces by hand.
  • Fry with 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Fry over high heat, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes. (I also added spinach leaves to the filling. Washed, dried, chopped and mixed with fried mushrooms).
  • Roll out the puff pastry into a large rectangular layer.
  • Using the blunt side of a knife, mark the dough into three equal rectangular pieces.
  • Mark the two extreme parts, dividing in half.
  • And make cuts along the edges of the dough.
  • Stuffed pink salmon in dough
  • Arrange the mushrooms in an even layer on one half of the pink salmon and cover with the other half.
  • Stuffed pink salmon in dough
  • Stuffed pink salmon in dough
  • Place the fish in the middle of the dough.
  • Stuffed pink salmon in dough
  • Cover with the rest of the dough on both sides.
  • Stuffed pink salmon in dough
  • And twist the cut ends and leave them hanging down on the sides.
  • Stuffed pink salmon in dough
  • If you use a very juicy filling (for example, like mine), then before planting the cake in the oven, you need to make punctures on the surface of the cake along the entire length with wooden skewers to release steam. Otherwise, the cake may burst during baking!
  • Transfer the resulting pie to a greased baking sheet with vegetable oil.
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 200 degrees. Baking time 40 minutes.
  • Stuffed pink salmon in dough
  • Congratulations to all Oksanka and Ksyusha on their birthday! Grow healthy and happy !!!

Summer resident
Stunned ...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gasha I have no words !!!! What a fine fellow you are, craftswoman. I join in the congratulations of your daughter. I wish you goodness and happiness. Your recipe is worth making.
Ksyushk @ -Plushk @
"- It's so good that I came ..." (c) Masha and the Bear

Gasha, thank you for the congratulations (I pass back to the namesake) and for the pie reminders. Here is my "sausage" from many years ago (ugly, but insanely delicious)
Stuffed pink salmon in dough
I've forgotten how delicious it is. Will need to repeat.
P.S. somewhere in the country there is a book by Oksana "Unusual pink salmon". All the same, I have not deservedly forgotten it, right?
By the way, I followed your link and state: Gasha's pie turned out to be much more beautiful than in the original recipe.
Gashenka, awesome pie! Thank you!

I will definitely spoil my mother with such a tasty treat - before, my mother often baked fish pie.
Quote: Summer resident

Stunned ...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, of course, where the fish is, there is cats Tanya !!!

iris. ka, Irishka, thanks! Try it - it's very simple, but delicious!

Ksyushk @ -Plushk @, Ksyusha, happy holiday!

I'm glad our tastes match!

MariS, Marishka, indulge in indulgence! You can't force my mom to eat now, and she ate a big piece of this cake!
Quote: Gasha

MariS, Marishka, indulge in indulgence! You can't force my mom to eat now, and she ate a big piece of this cake!

I feel we will have the same ...

Gasha, I congratulate my daughter on her name day - let everything she planned come true !!!
Gashenka, the cake is awesome! There are simply no words! And delicious!
Send congratulations to the birthday girl!
Thanks to both Marishkas!
Wow, what a squiggle! Gash, well, you are straight Tseritelli !!!
shl. and our name day is February 6th.
Quote: Omela

and our name day is February 6th. [/ size]

you bush argue with my Oksana ??? !!!


June 6 and February 6 The Church honors the memory of Xenia of Petersburg

So sho - your health!
And for Ksenia Petersburgskaya always!
Ksyusha, apparently, astrologers do not take everything into account ... Oksanka this morning was in church and defended the service in honor of Xenia of Petersburg
Gasha, what a delicious fish! And how delicious !!!!!! 🔗
Thank you, Natashik! We snapped!
Gan, the pie is not just a pie, but a masterpiece !!!! handsome straightforward no strength .. and probably delicious
Sumlichek, how I've been waiting for you! You're almost Belinsky here!

Thank you! You wrote everything honestly !!!
Gasha! Another masterpiece! I confirm that this is yummy! Have already tried it! It is done very easily (like all recipes from Gasha !!!)
Stuffed pink salmon in dough
I added carrots stewed in a drop of oil to the filling. There were very doubts, because I have eaters with different tastes: someone loves mushrooms, but is calm with fish; someone loves fish, but not very much with mushrooms ... It turned out a combination of wow! And outwardly it turns out just lovely!
Stuffed pink salmon in dough Stuffed pink salmon in dough
What's interesting: everyone was definitely eating with pleasure, praising and asking for more! I'm just happy that I got such a recipe
Stuffed pink salmon in dough[/ ur
I put the filling in the following order: a layer of carrots on the fish, then fried mushrooms with onions, again a layer of carrots, fish.
That's what I understand !!! Dispersed, Kuzenka! A feast by the mountain !!! And braided something so beautiful!
Gasha! So I have dr. I was, so it’s gone, and here you’re just with the miracle recipes! So it came off in full!
Oh, and I missed !!! Happy birsday, my dear! And may your eyes always shine with happiness!
Thank you, honey! and for recipes and congratulations

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