Lean coffee mug

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Lean coffee mug


Flour 250g
sugar 3/4 cup
water 1 glass
coffee 2 tbsp. spoons
honey 3 tbsp. spoons
raisins 0.5 cups
walnuts 0.5 cups
vegetable oil 0.5 cups
soda slaked. 1h the spoon
cinnamon 1 tsp
ground ginger 0.5 tsp
nutmeg a little bit
salt little pinch

Cooking method

  • Glass -250ml
  • Pour sugar, honey, coffee with water, heat stirring until the ingredients are dissolved. Add pre-steamed raisins, nuts, vegetable oil. Then add sifted flour and spices, slaked soda (or baking powder). The dough is quite liquid. Pour into a greased dish with vegetable oil and bake in an oven preheated to 200 degrees until a dry toothpick, about 25 minutes.


I add nutmeg in a very small amount, literally a couple of times I rub the nut on a grater over the dough.

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Lean coffee mug

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Lean coffee mug

Irishka CH
Wow! what a delicious !!! I have everything according to the recipe, I'll try it tomorrow!
Tanya, I have a question - the shape of what volume (diameter)? Does the pie rise high or not? I have a silicone mold, not yet tested in the oven, in the shape of a heart. So big, but the sides are not high (approx. 4-5 cm). Will it clean up?
Thank you for the recipe and an ochchchchen very beautiful photo (I can't do that) !!!
Irina, I also baked in a silicone mold, I have it big, 26cm. The rug does not rise very much, it turns out to be low, about 4 cm, but if you have a small shape, then the marquee will be higher.
Irishka CH
OK! I got it. I went to measure my "heart" - about the same. Well, I'll see you on the test! Thanks again!!!
Irishka CH
Tanya, I am thankful, backed up practically. I made a gingerbread. Delicious! All of mine liked it. Only not so beautiful it turned out ... It's probably in the oven. The top is cracked for some reason, but in the cut is not the same as yours - sort of damp. But it did not affect the taste!
This is just from the oven:

Lean coffee mug

And here is the "portion":

Lean coffee mug

I did everything according to the recipe, which means the oven is naughty.
Irinathe temperature in the oven may be too high. Probably, in your oven it was necessary to decrease the temperature and increase the time. Or cover the baked goods with foil on top. Everyone has different ovens and shapes, so you need to experiment.
My stove is not new, it's been 8 years already, but the oven bakes evenly, only because of this I don't want to change.
My gingerbread)) baked in a multicooker redmond 02
Lean coffee mug
Asya Klyachina
Quote: masinen

My gingerbread)) baked in a multicooker redmond 02

Tell me how long it was baked at 02? It came out good.
Baked for 50 minutes)
Tatiana thank you for the cut, it turned out very tasty. There were no nuts in the house, she added that she had found, but found some raisins, dried apricots and prunes. Very tender and tasty, baked in a cartoon stler for 1 hour.

Lean coffee mug
masinen, just now I saw your photo report. What a magnificent gingerbread! I bake in the oven, my shape is too big (26cm), so my brownie is always low and flat.

vernisag, oh what a cut!

I just baked in Redmond 02, and there is a 1.6-liter cup, so it turns out to be lush))) well, delicious, you can be stunned)
The only thing I have reduced the sugar to 0.3 cups of cut. I'm just right)
Oh, soon we will bake normal pies and gingerbreads
Thanks for the wonderful recipe! The rug is very tasty.
Lean coffee mug
Lean coffee mug
True, instead of coffee, I took cocoa, and instead of spices - seasoning for coffee and desserts.
Baked in REDMOND RMC-02 for 50 min. Next time I'll put it on 1 hour. Hunting to get drier. And I'll try with coffee too
Natasha, to your health!
Tanya, thank you!
Baking in MV Dex-60. I put raisins, nuts, prunes and dried cherries.

Lean coffee mug
Tanechka, to your health!

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