Sourdough wheat bread in a bread maker

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Sourdough wheat bread in a bread maker


___ OPARA (for the night):
sourdough millet. on kefir (100%) 200 BC
milk 65 g
wheat flour 150 g
___ TEST (rise 3-4 hours):
all dough
milk (warm) 165 g
salt 1.5 tsp.
sugar 1.5 tbsp. l.
sunflower oil 20 g
wheat flour 250 g

Cooking method

  • For the night I put the dough: put the ingredients in a bucket of a Panasonic bread machine, put the "dumplings" (kneading for 20 minutes), and leave it there until morning.
  • In the morning I add the rest of the ingredients to the bucket, put the dumplings again. Then I look when it has risen flush with the edges, put the baking for 1 hour 10 minutes, when the timer is 29 minutes, I look at the crust when the color suits me, turn off the bread maker (we have bad tension).
  • Who loves bread sour, you can put kefir everywhere. I have milk mushroom kefir and sourdough, respectively.

Time for preparing:

about 17-20 hours

Cooking program:

kneading, proofing, kneading, baking

Hello bakery masters. I am new to this business and read bread recipes with great interest, but I dream of baking bread from rye flour, I even made sourdough ... Recently I bought myself a Panasonik 2500 bread maker, but it does not have a rye program ... explain how to use sourdough and how to bake bread in my assistant
Hello, I did it in several ways. The easiest way is to take all the ingredients as in the instructions for regular bread, replace 100-150 grams with rye flour and turn on regular bread on the function (it is better not to put more than 500 grams of flour on - this is an average size of bread) and set all this with a timer on night to be ready in the morning. I also have Panasonic, but with the function of rye bread, Pekla in different ways. I like French more in the morning (in French flour for 400 gr), and if the flour is whole grain, then it was baked on the Diet function.
Recently we have been doing this with homemade leaven. I take the recipe from the instructions for ordinary bread, I divide the liquid and flour in half - one half is dough, and the other is dough. Then I make a dough: 1) I take 200 grams of sourdough (I have 100 liquids and 100 flour), then I take 100 grams from half of the liquid according to the recipe. and add to the dough, also with flour, put all this in a bucket on the "dumplings" function and leave it overnight. If the room is warm, then everything will be fine. The temperature should be around 24 degrees. In the morning, everything came in a bucket 2 times, sometimes even 4 times. In the same bucket I add the rest of the ingredients according to the recipe, put the dumplings into a batch, and after 3-4 hours I watch the bread come up, turn on baking for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Somewhere in the hour I drop in, if I turn off the ruddy top. Who loves soft bread, leave it in the oven for 20 minutes.
Now the recipe for 400 grams of flour: OPARA: 200 gr. sourdough 100% (this means equal parts of flour and liquid), liquid (kefir, water or milk) - 30 gr., flour - 100 gr. Dough: all leaven, liquid - 130 gr., Salt 1 tsp, sugar, 1 tbsp. l., oil (I love sunflower) - 15 gr., flour 200 gr.
I made different proportions of rye flour, the more rye flour, the lower and denser the bread. I made 100 grams of wheat, the rest rye - the bread is low, but tasty. I can also say, if you need sour, then it is better to lay down kefir.
And there is no problem at all with yeast, according to the usual recipe, replace 100-150 grams with rye flour and that's it.

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