Fried green tomatoes

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Fried green tomatoes


Salt pepper
Wheat flour
Rast. oil

Cooking method

  • I take these tomatoes, milk maturity (you can get a little more ripe if you want):
  • Fried green tomatoes
  • Peel the tomatoes, cut into slices, sprinkle with salt and pepper, roll in flour, then in eggs, and fry in vegetable oil over low heat. Ready fried tomatoes can be brushed with garlic.
  • After frying, I put the tomatoes in a container under the lid. Serve when cool and barely warm.


One of my favorite treats.

You can also fry tomatoes in your favorite batter.


Oh, and I always thought that green tomatoes are poisonous
Cubic , since I have eaten at least a ton of green tomatoes in my life and am still alive, certainly not poisonous!
Pickled, canned, fried, green tomato caviar ...

I even saw an American film with that name: "Fried Green Tomatoes". In the restaurant, they were a specialty.
And I close the salad with green tomatoes for the winter, it turns out to eat deliciously like a salad and put it in the cabbage soup as a seasoning.
I like green tomatoes in any form. But somehow everyone got used to the fact that they are mainly fermented, pickled, made salads for the winter. And fried ones are not so common, but no less tasty, so I decided to write this recipe.
Raw ones are definitely poisonous, but when processed they become edible. It turns out that you can fry, great!
Qween did the right thing, that they wrote the recipe, I will definitely try, only we rarely sell green tomatoes, you can only find them by the end of September.
Mom told me about the tomato festival in America, where tomatoes are fried without batter in olive oil, it's very tasty, according to my mother. I haven’t come across green tomatoes yet.
I like to fry red tomatoes. (I used to read SMAK in Makarevich’s culinary newspaper.) It was recommended as a side dish. Roll the red tomatoes cut into circles in flour or fine white breadcrumbs and quickly fry. Only you need to salt it after frying, so that the juice is not allowed.
And about green is very interesting, I will definitely try in the fall.
So, sir, and I think, where am I to attach my prematurely picked tomatoes? And here is such a cool recipe. The salad did not take root here, but the fried ones .... I will definitely cook them on the weekend. Thank you for the new recipe for me, now I will print it out and take it with me!
QweenThank you so much for the recipe. Fried green tomatoes haunted me since watching the movie of the same name. Delicious, especially on the second day.
Quote: Qween

Peel the tomatoes, cut them into circles,
I, I, I am in line for green tomatoes !!!!!
but just a couple of questions. do you clean the skin by first scalding it with boiling water? and what size pieces? and then in the pictures it seems that you get whole tomatoes in batter.
THANKS for the recipe!
sweetka, well, how did I miss your message? ...

It is comforting that tomatoes have not grown since autumn, but soon they will be. So, I will answer you.

1. I clean the tomatoes without scalding them with boiling water, but use a vegetable peeler. The peel is very thinly peeled off.

2. I cut into circles, across a tomato, such as boiled sausage.
It is harmful to eat green tomatoes in any form. I do not advise
I wonder what your statement is based on that green tomatoes should not be eaten in any form? Fanny Flagg Fried Green Tomatoes is a great book and the recipe is there, the movie is the same.And how many recipes there are in the internet - Armenians ", salads, snacks. Something nobody complained about.
Green tomatoes contain a substance called solanine, which is toxic to the human body.
But after all, everything is closed and green tomatoes in jars?
The fact is that in canned tomatoes, the poisonous substance is sufficiently diluted with brine, which reduces the effect of solanine to a minimum.
And this is about Solanine

I think heat treatment works in a similar way. By the way, I always bathe green tomatoes with boiling water, and only then I cook this or that.
Lud-Mil @
During my childhood, pickled tomatoes were only green in stores! And in kindergarten we were given such a green pickled tomato to accompany mashed potatoes, I adored them, although I grew up in the village and at home there was always a full cellar of pickles and jams. My parents sometimes bought a can of these green tomatoes especially for me. And I also remember how, in my student years, there was some unsuccessful year for tomatoes, and my mother and I made different salads from green tomatoes, no one was poisoned.
I fry green tomatoes often, especially in autumn. Everything as Queenie wrote, just stopped bothering with cleaning the skin. still incredibly tasty.
And I make a salad of green tomatoes with cabbage for the winter, it turns out very tasty, I can write a recipe, but I don't know how to insert it, and on my computer it's very confusing. We fry too, so we will try too, the recipe is interesting.
Ie this salad needs to be rolled up in jars? Did I understand correctly?
Quote: sweetka
this salad needs to be rolled into jars?
Yes, and the time costs are small, but tasty, spicy, and so it can be eaten in soup.
Oh, tse garniy recipe, otherwise I'm still joking about the recipe for where to attach green tomatoes. I'll get to them today
And I'll try, the remnants of luxury are still green)))) I have never eaten fried, but I love pickled, pickled and all sorts of green salads, I recently became addicted to cooking pickle with pickled or pickled tomatoes instead of cucumbers, it's very tasty !!! Thank you for sharing a new one.

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