Irish stew in the Polaris multicooker

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Irish stew in the Polaris multicooker


Meat (beef or lamb) 0.5KG
Onion 2 pcs.
Carrot 2 pcs.
Potato 5-7 pcs.
Beer (Guinness or Ohara) 300-400 ml

Cooking method

  • We take the meat, cut it into pieces - not large and not small, somewhere 4x3, turn on the frying at 120 degrees and 30 minutes, put the meat for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. We cut 2 onions and a couple of carrots, one condition - the carrots in large pieces, and everything is there for another 15 minutes. Then peeled potatoes (6-7 pieces), also in large pieces, are placed on top and, the final touch, 300 ml of beer! important! We don't take beer anyhow! Or guinness or ohara! The main thing is that it is dark and bitter! I tried to do it on kruschevitsa - not at all (((((
  • pour in and some more water so that it is on the same level with the potatoes! Salt to taste! We turn on the stewing for 2 hours and you can eat!

The dish is designed for

4-5 servings

Time for preparing:

2.5 hours

Cooking program:

frying + stewing


If there is no frying, then in a frying pan !!!! By the way, you can leave another one on heating for an hour, so that the potatoes become almost mashed potatoes, this is not for everybody.

Olesya sun
Will Kruger dark fit?
How interesting, but I have a different recipe for Irish stew and there is no beer.
I already cooked, very tasty. Now I'm going to cook in MB Brand 701 - I'll post the recipe there.

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