Lemon pudding
Category: Bakery
Large lemon 3 pcs
Sugar 0.5 lb
Yolks 12 pcs
Cooking method

Dip 3 large lemons in a small amount of boiling water.
Cover and simmer until softened. Then let it cool and grind the lemons into a doughy mass. Add half a pound of sugar, yolks, vanilla and stir to one side until sugar dissolves.
Then add the whites whipped into a strong foam, pour into a mold and put in the oven, but not for long, so that the pudding does not fall off.

Peace to you bakers!
I offer for your judgment recipes from a book for young housewives - issue of 1907
in my opinion they are simple and interesting. I translated them into a language understandable to my contemporaries and adapted them.
How did they do it before? Very often recipes from old books cannot be repeated!

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