I have an LG HB 202CE bread maker, the dough mixing paddle has broken (melted). Interested in such a question - is it possible to make this very blade for mixing the dough yourself?
Theoretically, of course, it is possible) If one of your friends works at a factory where there is access to metal and machine tools. Looking for milling, drilling and slotting.
At one time he worked at the same plant) So there one even managed to make a piston for the car due to the shortage) Fortunately, the plant had everything and even its own foundry)
The main thing is to warm up the material so that it does not oxidize and does not give anything of its own to the dough. At home, I think you can get tired with a file while you grind it.
I'm just thinking of making a sheet of stainless steel, cutting off with a grinder and a hacksaw, then bending the tip like the original blade. This material is strong for bending, but how can it then be fixed to the shaft of the bucket? in this the question is not yet resolved for me.
Therefore, I meant a slotting machine. You can, in principle, make the same blank as the shaft itself and then bend the sheet over it and tap it. But I don’t know how on your stove, mine has a noticeable and foreseen backlash, and plus that there is a notch on the shaft in the mixer too, that is, it’s as if it’s not going to be removed quite directly, it won’t jump out.
At home, I think it will be difficult to do, but who does not do it and does not work)
Is it worth the candle? When baking on a paddle without a non-stick coating, the bread will bake. If only to use it for mixing.
Yes, it seems like there is no shortage of shoulder blades for Skis, why fool yourself is easier to buy
sorry for necrophilism, that is, writing in a long-dead topic, but you never know who will come in handy, who, like me, will puzzle over the problem of finding a new scapula and poking around the Internet in search of an answer. local blondes - go to the forest, because I do not impose my advice, I just share my experience.

background: the faithful safely threw out the scapula along with the unbaked bread, the problem for many is very urgent, the scapula are deliberately made quite flimsy in the seat. Usually the price is 500-1000r, this is not too critical, but the trouble is that my Chinese brand politely sent me with this spare part, and without much explanation.

After breaking my head for a couple of months and not finding a replacement, I decided to do it myself. I do not have drilling-slotting-picking machines, therefore, taking just a piece of suitable metal (look for a stainless steel, thin, for example, some kind of fastening corner for household needs is suitable, aluminum is also possible - thicker, galvanizing is undesirable, black is contraindicated), cut to size , bent the loop from one end, fixed the end of the loop with two bolts, first pulled them up so that the loop took the shape of an axis, then loosened it so that the new blade could be removed. well that's all. did not poison himself, did not choke, has been working properly for a year.

good luck.
homemade from an aluminum spoon, riveted, can be made from one spoon, made of two because at first I made it smaller, pressed and chipped around the shaft and modified with a file. pictures of the scapula in my gallery.

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