Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo)

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Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo)


flour 1 + 1/3 cup
baking powder 4 tsp
salt 0.5 tsp
sugar 5 tsp
rast. oil 0.5 cups
eggs, separate proteins 2 pcs.
milk 1 + 3/4 cups
vanilla or vanillin
1 cup = 240ml

Cooking method

My changes are red
1 + 1/3 cup flour - 2 cups flour
4 tsp baking powder (baking powder) - 1 pack.
1/2 tsp salt
5 tsp sugar - 4 sec. l. Sahara
2 eggs, whites separate
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 + 3/4 cup milk
vanilla - vanillin - 0.5 sachet

Mix dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt and sugar) separately.
Mix separately the liquid ingredients (yolks, butter, milk, vanilla).
Beat egg whites until soft peaks.
Pour the liquid ingredients into dry ingredients, mix slightly (the dough should be lumpy, you do not need to stir until completely smooth, otherwise the waffles will not be so light and airy), and gently add the whipped proteins into it, stirring with a wide spatula from bottom to top. The consistency is rather thin, less dense and viscous than for pancakes, but slightly thicker than for pancakes.


We liked it very much !!!
Thanks to Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo) for the delicious waffles !!!
Thank you Natalya for the link to the blog !!!

Thank you! wrote down!
The clever girl did what, I liked them too.
oh, we bought similar to those in Kiev, liked it very much, but what kind of waffle iron is it? with such a large cage? can I have a look?
Suslya, then I brought the camera closer ... And so the usual cage ...
Do you need to look for such a waffle iron? I have both 3 in 1 and 4 in 1 (the one with donuts) ...
yeah, I really need a waffle iron my mother has an old, Soviet one, she says, take it ... that she is so heavy! I’ll have to shove it from Kherson .. I’m thinking to buy it, I went and looked, and there are so many of them that my eyes widen, and I cannot choose one like my mother’s, so that I could twist cones or tubes.
I bought a waffle iron, I really wanted to try it. And from the products of the house there are only 2 eggs, and vegetable oil. All the recipes are either on yeast (and I would have something to cook for breakfast in 5 minutes), or with butter, but go and figure it out for some other waffles, for thin or Belgian
And here is such a simple and quick option. Kneaded the dough in 3 minutes. Instead of milk, I took water and a little less than according to the recipe - 1 cup.
The waffles are wonderful, just how much you need for breakfast. Almost not sweet and light, they did not want to blush, which, however, is also not bad (not everyone likes the burnt-out kind of crunchy). Well, next time I can add more sugar if I want a rounder and more dessert.

Thanks for the recipe. It will now be my main waffle for breakfast.
Thank you very much for the recipe, very tasty !!!! I've been collecting recipes for thick waffles for the second month already, this one will firmly settle in my kitchen :)
Thank you so much. my first day is a waffle iron. I've already done one. these are more suitable in composition. vegetable oil all the same. tomorrow I will do them !!!
delicious!!! but for some reason they stuck to me .. though at the end I introduced pearl sugar. maybe because of this?
I started baking for the second time, and already without pearl sugar and everything began to stick ... I just started to tear it off nervously, like a fool and scratched the surface ... can it now be thrown away?
I wonder if these waffles can be baked not in an electric waffle iron (I don't have one), but in a curly frying pan for cookies, I have just such a waffle pattern?
sure you may
fronya40, Thank you!!!

Elya_lug, of course, it is possible in the dish!

Sanik, I have a Saturn ST 1077, a 7-year-old old lady ... But you can bake in any waffle iron for thick waffles!
Yes, I understand, I just look at some of the waffles very fried on one side, and white on the other ... I just wanted large, uniform
Sanik, Where are you from, put down, in your profile. Then it will be possible to advise you on the models that are in your country.
Ukraine, Mariupol
I have Saturn and there is also RTC 4 in 1. RTC in Ukraine is presented under the brand name Clatronic, Bomann. Both are baked evenly.
Ukrainian girls have both Avrora (from inexpensive) and efbe-Schott ZN 3 (German). In my opinion Phillips are. The girls are happy. This is over thick (Belgian) waffles.
And there are also waffle irons with a flower at Klatronic.
In general, we have a whole topic to choose from True, it is mixed with thin, but I advise you to read ...

Look in Ukrainian. Internet shops, what suits the price, write to us, we will advise!
ukka, fronya40, thanks for the answer.
ukka, thanks for the answers and your responsiveness !! I will overpower 46 pages of choosing a waffle iron, they write about Clatronic that a very pungent smell comes when the waffles are baked and not baked very well ... It is also necessary to read on the forum
Miss Raspberry
ukka, take a photo report of my waffles.
Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo)
The waffles turned out to be sooooo tasty, but they were "crispy" only right after they pulled them out of the waffle iron, and then the crispness disappeared somewhere. The husband and children said they were pancakes in a waffle iron.
Thanks for the recipe.
Brought thanks to you. I wanted waffles, but there was no butter, and so I found your recipe, a little inconvenient for me, because there was no 240 ml cup. I had to weigh flour in milliliters. I would like to know the amount in grams. Maybe I messed up ... the dough came out quite thick. But it tasted very tasty.
Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo)
Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo)
Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo)
Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo)
Ukka, Olga, thanks for the recipe!
She did it "in red". Very fast and delicious.
To keep the crispy state longer, the waffles should be laid out on the wire rack. On a plate or on a board (I usually cool all baked goods on wooden boards), they become soft almost immediately.
I baked in a Vitesse waffle iron (which is 3 in 1), from a full portion I got 16 pieces, but some were not quite square, next time I will try to make 14 beautiful ones.
In "donations" the name was confused, called the Brussels ...
LudMila, I am very glad that you liked it! Is it true that waffles are delicious? Bon Appetit!!!
Tell me, how many is the cup?
Quote: Galinka-Malinka
a little inconvenient for me, because there was no 240 ml cup. I had to weigh flour in milliliters. I would like to know the amount in grams.
Baked today again according to this recipe.
I weighed the flour (I sift it into a bowl on the scales) - 320g, 430ml of milk (so much remained in the package), the eggs were very small, so I took not 2, but 3, sugar 2 tbsp. spoons with a slide. And the oils in general livanula on the eye ... (I did not want to measure, to dirty the extra dishes).
It turned out great! This time 14 are almost completely square, beautiful.
I think we should focus not on strict adherence to the recipe in grams, but on the consistency of the dough.

Olya, thanks for the recipe! I had a chance to try thick waffles for the first time in Brussels. Frankly, yours are a hundred times tastier. I did it according to your amendments. And most importantly, an excellent result the first time. Grumpy, lush inside and moderately sweet! Thank you very much!
Dimoshka, ZhenechkaThank you very much for your feedback. Glad you liked it!!!
And most importantly, thanks first of all to the author, Larisa Volnitskaya.
Thanks for the recipe. I did it in red.
The dough turned out, as it seemed to me, thick, but the waffles came out fluffy and with a slight crunch (the hand does not rise to write - crispy), evenly baked - perfectly rosy ...
It seems just because of the density and they blushed evenly. According to other recipes, the dough was thinner and the spotty waffles came out - sometimes white spots, sometimes very dark in one filled portion. "

Chilled on the grate so as not to soften.

The waffle iron was just given. I tried several recipes. This very, very.

Thank you for the recipe, I fell in love with the video of all the electric devices on YouTube and registered with you, I got used only to the stove and now, with a little fear and great joy, I'm testing all my new products.
The recipe is great, thanks for the vegetable oil !!!!

Here are my successes)

Added Sunday 05 Mar 2017 11:45 am

Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo)

Added Sunday 05 Mar 2017 11:47 am

Yes, the recipe was made according to amendments))
Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo) take a delicious report !!! I did everything according to the recipe, with your changes, I took the glass from HP, but for some reason the waffles turned out to be not crispy, but soft, but I sin on myself, the handles are crooked))) but still VERY and VERY tasty !!! THANKS from our family
Crispy Belgian waffles from Larisa Volnitskaya (loravo)
Olya, thanks for the recipe, the waffles are delicious.
Girls, the waffles are really delicious! Bake with pleasure !!!
Girls, how much dough do you put on each waffle? Something I can't make friends with thick waffles ...
Natalia, I arbitrarily, I do not fill out the form completely, I closed it and the dough was distributed by itself. These are my first waffles, I just bought a waffle iron the other day. I chose at least 1000 watts. Waffle maker GFGRIL GFW-015 Waffle Plus.
Yes, I was baking waffles here (albeit according to a different recipe), so they did not gain volume, but blurred and halved, although the girls worked fine. So I think, maybe I'm pouring little dough ...

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