Banosh (Cuckoo 1054)

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Banosh (Cuckoo 1054)


Corn groats 1ml glass
Hot water 2 multi glasses
Salt 1 teaspoon
Oil 1 tablespoon
Sour cream 3 tablespoons

Cooking method

  • Put cereals, butter, salt, sour cream in a saucepan.
  • Cover with hot water. Stir so that there are no lumps.
  • We turn on the cut Kashmovarka.

Time for preparing:

30 minutes

Cooking program:



As promised, I am reporting. It turned out great and fast. Eat with feta cheese, cracklings, or fried mushrooms. We also like to eat like this: salt cottage cheese + sour cream, butter on top of a banosh, and in a separate bowl, crushed garlic + salt + a little water (called salamaha).
Banosh (Cuckoo 1054) only feta was available
Banosh (Cuckoo 1054)

Wow, "Salamaha"! My mother's maiden name is Salamaha! The family of Salamakhs comes from the Zaporizhzhya Sich, my great-great-great-grandfather cooked porridge "salamah" in the Sich, he was a cook ... From there, the surname is like that. fried onions on lard. Apparently, salamaha is different
Banosh is a native of western Ukraine. And, in my opinion, these two cereals should not be confused, because they are DIFFERENT.
The owner of the hotel in Yaremche treated us to Banosh when he drove us with a group to the meadow. High in the Carpathians: the air is ringing-clean, the edges are magical, underfoot, wherever you go - ripe blueberries, the smell of a fire and banosh ... in the haze, on homemade sour cream, feta cheese bought from the shepherds, sprinkled with cracklings, yes with crispy bread baked in the morning ... mmmmmm
Salamaha is garlic crushed with salt and diluted water
Salamakh's nickname goes back to the Ukrainian word “straw” - “liquid dough (buckwheat), boiled with butter”. In the Russian language there is a related word "salamata". V. I. Dal in the "Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language" defines the meaning of this word as "fresh, boiled talker; liquid jelly, flour gruel, thinner smears. " Usually such a dish was prepared from flour with the addition of salt and butter. In Vologda dialects, salamata was called oatmeal fried in butter or lard.

I found this in the bowels of the Internet.

So it turns out that the garlic crushed with salt and diluted water, sort of like such a gruel, talker is salamaha.
Hurrah!!! You cooked it !!!! Galinka-Malinka, is it okay to cook in Kukushka? Doesn't it burn? I'll cook it tomorrow at 1010 ...
TaTa *
Well, you must! My mother-in-law has a maiden name Salamakh, she comes from the Zaporozhye region with. Walk the field
TaTa * ! From so from! Maybe also relatives, Salamakhiv Bagato, My relatives near Nikopol, in Pokrovskoye (not far from the grave of Ataman Sirk).!

We have another topic on the forum about banosha, and some, we will not point the finger, are directly related to it ... Maybe it makes sense to give reciprocal links and thus conditionally combine information and experience?
Wow, how many interesting things about banosh and salamah. This is Kuko, which pressure cooker? And I haven't cooked it in my Elby yet, only in MV.

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