Dried bream

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Dried bream


fresh fish

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  • Yesterday I dried bream and this is what happened:
  • Dried bream
  • It turned out very cool, and most importantly, delicious.

Olya - the Bastard - the fish lay in salt for a week, then it was soaked in water for 6 hours, then the night flowed down and at 8-00 turned on the dryer, left on business in Moscow, arrived at 15-00 - checked it and turned it off, left it to cool in drying, and dinner with beer and songs -
Tatyana I made the fish spontaneously for testing, so to speak, but in the near future I will repeat the call and take decent photos with a description of the process, then I will draw up the recipe according to all the rules
Nut , Have you still made a fish? Share your experience, pliiz
Nut, and at what temperature was bream dried? I dried the ram at 50, it turned out like boiled
I dry any fish at 30-35 *, usually put it overnight (we have cheap e-mail at night), turn it off in the morning and let it cool completely in a closed dryer
I salted the bream, soak it and want to dry it. There is a variety of information about the temperature. Some say 35-40, others 60. What can I do, I don’t know?

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