Three in one: toaster, grill, waffle maker (Belgian waffles). That is, three pairs of interchangeable plates, for toasts (pancakes, omelets, pies) - with indentations, for waffles - squares, for grilling - a grid. He makes delicious meals! Butters, pancakes with fillings, pies, omelettes, waffles, cookies, etc. and everything that can be grilled ...
Philips HD 2420 Cucina

1. Pizza pancakes Ludmila

2. Fritters with sausage, herbs and cheese Ludmila

3. Curd pancakes Ludmila
4. Puff pastry pies with banana Ludmila
5. McDonald's Apple Pocket zabu
6. Cheese sandwiches Yana

7. Waffles with hercules sourdough Alexandra

8. Flamadian waffles Yana

9. Turkey skewers Alexandra

10. Belgian waffles Scarecrow

11. Waffles clv

12. Waffles on drinking yogurt zalina74

13. Waffle minitortic AlisaS

14. Waffles elfree
Today we had breakfast with pizza pancakes.
Philips HD 2420 Cucina
Here is the prescription:
Make any pancake dough. I made from what was: 0.5 jars of curd cheese, 0.5 tbsp. milk, 0.5 tsp. l. salt, 0.5 tbsp. l. sugar, 2 tbsp. l. olive oil, 0.25 h. l. yeast PAF-moment, 1-1.5 tbsp. flour.
Filling: any sausage, grated cheese, green onion, pickled cucumber. Chop everything finely.
Philips HD 2420 Cucina
Preheat the toaster in waffle mode. Spread according to Art. l. dough, sprinkle with sausage, onions, cucumbers and cheese.
Philips HD 2420 Cucina
You can pour more Art. l. dough, then you get the filling inside. Close until it clicks, fry for 5 minutes or until browned.
Philips HD 2420 Cucina
Luda, congratulations on your purchase. Another chuto unit !!!

It looks very nice and appetizing!
Gulenka, gypsy, thank you !!!
I opened this Temko with intent: suddenly someone has such an aggregate (or one of its three parts), let them share the recipes and learn new ones. There are few such recipes on other sites, but you want to have a more interesting breakfast ...

Actually, it is correct that they wrote in a separate topic about this device. I also have one, but earlier we discussed it in the topic about the waffle iron - here ... Recipes for similar sandwiches can be found here 🔗 - there are worthy ideas to bring to life.
Thank you, Anastasia for the links. I read everything, saved the recipes, though not enough of them there. I will add it myself, maybe someone will pull up ...
Today I tried an omelette with sausage, herbs and cheese.

Philips HD 2420 Cucina
Girls! And when I make sandwiches, my bread shifts somehow from the front, and crawls away from behind. And they are not completely cut, I then cut the diagonal with scissors.
Tell us how you make sandwiches, please!
I make sandwiches from my homemade bread (whole piece), nothing moves, but I help to break it diagonally with a wooden spatula. And so we really like sandwiches, because of the thin crust like pies.
Trembita, share your delicious recipes for a toaster-grill sandwich maker, my imagination has run out.

Girls, sorry, explain to me what size the products are. I saw Tefal sandwich maker here, so it has a very shallow bottom, I doubted.
Please take a ruler and measure, including the depth.
Admin, measured: rectangular sandwiches or pancakes (pizza, cheesecake ...), divided diagonally into two triangles, it turns out 12 by 10 cm, depth 1.5 cm.

Philips HD 2420 Cucina

I took a picture of all my forms (one of a pair), next to a ruler 15 cm.

Ludmila, I correctly understood that this is the depth of one form, and if the second one (cover) is covered from above, then the height will increase to 3 cm, that is, the finished product is not flat?

Admin, quite NOT flat products are obtained.Lush, tall, depending on the type of pancake dough and fillings, the number of layers in the sandwich (sandwich), cottage cheese for 2 tbsp. l. over, one egg for scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs ...

Thank you!
Yesterday I made an omelet with ham and tomato in triangular shapes for dinner, it turned out very healthy
And we had breakfast cottage cheese pancakes.
2 sweet curd masses, 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. l. sugar, 2 tbsp. l. semolina, 1 tbsp. l. starch. I greased the molds with butter (I threw a piece and it melted there) and laid it out on a heaped tablespoon. After 5 minutes, I turned it over, since the top did not reach the heaters. It turned out 10 pancakes.

Philips HD 2420 Cucina
Hmmm ... I tried these experiments with a sandwich maker and realized that it was not worth the effort, and it was not profitable. Frying pancakes in a regular frying pan is tastier (they get fluffier and less clogged), and faster and cheaper (gas is much cheaper than electric)
Well, the omelette turned out to be more airy than in a frying pan and cool with triangles, and not a "torn piece"
And pancakes in a frying pan turn out to be clumsy, but here the triangles are pretty. They seem to be quite fluffy, the top did not reach the lid, I even had to turn it over to brown ...
Moreover, I didn’t refuse to cook on a griddle, for a change here and there.
How about washing a sandwich maker after that omelette?
And about sloppiness - it's all the pens to blame
What about what expensive in a sandwich maker all these pancakes turn out? Or housewives in the kitchen no longer talk about expediency?
Mosenergo owes me 5000, so I can not save (especially as I save on lighting, energy-saving lamps, and what did you think ;-))
I wipe it with a paper towel and that's it. I'll wash it later somehow. By the way, it cannot be welded to the plates.
As I wrote already in the topic of the waffle iron, I was completely disappointed in this device. I use the grill as a toaster. All. To bake an omelet in it seems to me inappropriate - washing, cooking time is not worth a triangular shape .. the grill is weak .. basic waffles are not worth fussing .. there are no comrades in taste and color, but this particular thing became a waste of money for me
Caprice, it is easy to wash the device, sometimes it fries more to the pan!
About gnarled handles ...
The income allows you not to monitor the electricity consumption !!!
I'm not saying the device is super versatile. for all, I just like to cook breakfast in it, and my husband likes to eat it!
I bought a new device today, or rather I had a pretty vitek, for 2 sandwiches. but it burned out something quickly, and it is not clear what deteriorated in it, but today they brought me phillips, though not with 3 plates, but just 4 sandwiches, we immediately tried it at work - such a difference with Vitek .. the sandwich is much tastier and more magnificent. although in principle the bread is the same. such a sandwich-like on the first strinichka is sold in Mediamarkt (m. University) for 1090 rubles, and in technosila for 1990 - a difference of 900 rubles. My hands were itching to buy ... but I didn't know what waffles would be in the ordered waffle iron .. now I realized that I had to buy that one))))
Do not worry, because you can always give the unnecessary and buy yourself the necessary ...
And you actually have not only a sandwich maker, but also a pancake maker, an omelet maker, a mini-pizza maker, a curd-baked maker ...
Quote: Bagel

As I wrote already in the topic of the waffle iron, I was completely disappointed in this device. I use the grill as a toaster. All. To bake an omelet in it seems to me inappropriate - washing, cooking time is not worth a triangular shape .. the grill is weak .. basic waffles are not worth fussing .. there are no comrades in taste and color, but this particular thing became a waste of money for me
So it seemed to me.
In PHILIPS HD 2420 Cucina it is very good to fry eggplants on grill plates, without any oil. And then who likes what, for example, with feta cheese, herbs, tomatoes and a drop of mayonnaise or without it. Delight. Only cut the eggplants into thick circles or plates. I use almost one grill. I didn't like the waffles at all.
Lyudmila, thanks for the hint on how to use it, otherwise I bought it for my mother, but what else can you do there?
What a "harmful site" is "Bread Maker". As soon as you come in, you want something new and tasty. I've read a lot of posts about the waffle iron (we have it since Soviet times) and were also tempted and bought PHILIPS HD 2430. I liked the sandwiches, it's convenient to use bread from a bread machine. The edges are so sprinkled. Today we will bake waffles. And tomorrow we'll try some more goodies.
Quote: Caprice

So it seemed to me.

And so it seemed to me, and I already managed to give it, while it is still new.
Quote: Admin

And so it seemed to me, and I already managed to give it, while it is still new.
I use it, but only as a sandwich maker. Everything else is simply unprofitable and irrelevant.
Puff pastry pies with banana

Philips HD 2420 Cucina

Roll out the puff pastry package, cut into squares according to the size of a sandwich maker. Cut the banana into slices. Put the dough, banana, a teaspoon of sugar, half a teaspoon of butter in a preheated sandwich maker. Cover with dough and close for 5-7 minutes.
It turns out cakes with banana caramel
What cute pies! How great it turned out! Thanks for the idea, I'll try to make these sometime.
Ludmila, you here inspired us to buy this device. I don't know who doesn't like it, it's a matter of taste. Funny sandwiches, crispy top, inside with juicy filling.
made these pockets like yours only with apples

Apple pocket a la McDonald's
2 apples
puff pastry packaging
filling sugar (to taste)
1 tsp starch
vanilla sugar or powdered sugar for sprinkling
And we also need such a complex tool, commonly called a sandwich maker
1. Roll out the dough on a table to a thickness of approximately 3 mm. Let's cut out a square with a side of 15 cm (based on the calculation of your sandwich maker).
Divide it in half
2. Peel and chop the apples. Put in a saucepan (you can do this process in the microwave too), add 3 tbsp. l. water and stew a little so that our apples soften, but not boil!
We dilute the starch in 2 tsp of water and add to the apples. Add sugar to taste. Let's put it out a little more. filling is ready
Preheat the sandwich maker.
Lubricate the rolled dough. Put one half in a sandwich maker, butter side down. Put the filling on it with a teaspoon
Cover with the second piece of dough, butter on top.
Bake the pockets until golden brown
Sprinkle with vanilla sugar or powdered sugar. Done
You can add cinnamon to the filling, it will be there oh. as to the place.
If there are no apples, then you can put inside:
- marmalade
- thick pudding
- any fruit puree
- favorite fruit from compote

Our old grill with quartz shades made them just toasted semi-loafs.
They baked waffles, my daughter said that they fed us exactly like that at Hilton Plaza. They are tender and dry at the same time. The day before yesterday we made veal shawarma on the grill. Delicate, juicy and tasty.

Girls, tell me how the 2420 differs from the 2430. We are now selling the 2430 model. I still dream of buying it, but I'm thinking about where to put it in the kitchen, it is big in size.
Quote: Yana

Girls, tell me how the 2420 differs from the 2430. We are now selling the 2430 model. I still dream of buying it, but I'm thinking about where to put it in the kitchen, it is big in size.
The 2420 was discontinued and replaced the 2430, and so they are no different. It doesn't take up much space. For example, I also have a kitchen scale on top of it.
Zabu, Thank you!
Lyudmila, thank you very much for starting such a Temko, I have had this unit for half a year, but I haven't really used it, and thanks to you, new goodies will appear at home, thanks !!!
Alexsandra, I am very glad that the topic came in handy. I myself have learned a lot of new and tasty things.
Zabu, Ludmila, thank you very much for telling us about the device in such detail. I recently got it too. Already making delicious cheese sandwiches on my bread, baking Milanese sausages on the grill.She even baked Flemish waffles.
I am very pleased with the purchase. The plates are easy to replace and dishwasher safe. So everything is super!
Here is a photo report. Cheese sandwiches.

Philips HD 2420 Cucina
Dear forum users, thanks for the story and recipes!

Yesterday I bought Vitek sandwiches instead of the scratched (it became impossible to peel off ready-made sandwiches) on an Internet.

Yesterday I baked creamy crispy waffles according to the recipe from the instructions,
today omelets with cheese and ham,
as well as waffles made from hercules sourdough dough - recipe here:

Philips HD 2420 Cucina
Alexandra, from myself and from the girls, congratulations on your purchase!
I liked your waffles. So beautiful! So evenly baked. And I got them with a "leopard" color, although they are also delicious. I put in a little yeast and the dough did not rise well. It's good that the recipe was posted on the site. Thank you!
Yana, , Thank you!

What recipe did you bake?
Alexandra, I baked waffles according to the recipe from the book "Cuisine of the World", the cuisine of Holland and Belgium, "Flemish Waffles". There you need to add fresh yeast, and I replaced it with dry yeast. And I put a little, because I did it for the first time and was afraid that the dough would climb over the edge of the waffle iron. You probably should have followed the recipe. But the waffles still turned out, although not so fluffy.

Here's the recipe (based on the book, no changes):

Flemish waffles

220 g flour
125 g plums. butter or margarine
1 tbsp. l. Sahara
1/4 l milk
15 g yeast
3 eggs

Grind butter with sugar, add eggs, flour and yeast diluted in a little warm milk, then add the rest of the milk. Season with salt and lemon juice. Knead the dough and place in a warm place. Bake the matched dough in a special form for waffles, after sprinkling it with vanilla sugar.

Ready-made waffles are very similar to pancakes with a thin crispy crust, only slightly softer in taste.
Yana, Thank you!

I think if you put it overnight, such a dough can also be made with sourdough.
By the way, I also can't raise my hand 15 g of fresh yeast for 220 g of flour after I have successfully added only 9 g of flour to bread for 500 g, and with sourdough without lengthening the proofing - only 5 g.
It is better to try this: 5 g of fresh yeast, knead the dough without eggs, let it rise properly, and before baking, add separately whipped whites with half a teaspoon of baking powder and yolks.
Alexandrathanks for the hint. I also think that the recipe needs to be adjusted and "adjusted" to fit your waffle iron.
She made waffles according to two different own recipes, on rolled oats with rye sourdough and on yeast with a rustic mixture, snacks with sausage, cheese and fried onions, and dessert ones. Recipes in the dough section.

And today I fried brooches (kebabs) from turkey

Philips HD 2420 Cucina
Fried kebabs according to the recipe Alexandra - I liked it very much.
Belgian waffles (soft) from the instructions turned out to be beyond praise, it turned out just 8 pieces.
Sandwiches, of course, are also made periodically for breakfast.

I like it very much, although I don't use it every day - I don't have enough time.
The only inconvenience in my opinion is that I cannot adapt where to remove the removable panels, since they are non-stick coated, I am afraid of accidentally scratching them, and they take up a lot of space.

Girls where do you keep them
I store directly in plastic, 2 pieces in a cassette, stacked on top of each other, and all together in a deep baking sheet (for lasagna, just a little larger in size).
And the baking sheet is in the oven
Alexandra, Thank you .

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