Cherry bread for tea (bread maker)

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Cherry bread for tea (bread maker)


Cherry juice 1 cup
Wheat flour 3 cups
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 2 tbsp. l.
Powdered milk 2 tbsp. l.
Oil 2 tbsp. l.
Dry yeast 2 tbsp. l.
Cherries or dried cherries 0.3 cups

Cooking method

  • I have a measuring cup - 230 ml.
  • Put all the ingredients in the HP according to the instructions, and at the signal (this is in mine, I have LG), add dry cherries. I mix cherries and cherries. You can add 3 tbsp. l. gluten, but then you need less flour by 3 tbsp. spoons. And yet, somehow the flour in the house ran out and it was enough for 2.5 cups. At my own peril and risk, the remaining 0.5 hours, I added oat flour.

Cooking program:

The baking mode is fast.


Hello! The fact is that my men (husband and 2 sons) do not really like white bread (oddly enough!). You may not show the store one at all, it will bloom, but they will not touch it. And in a bread maker I experiment with different types of flour and additives. They have a sweet tooth, we try not to buy cookies and sweets in the store because of different E-additives, basically I bake everything myself. But since I work, I do not have enough time and in order not to stand at night for another baking for tea, sweet breads save me a lot. My favorite is cherry.
Instead of juice, I sometimes use cherry compote, which is also delicious. I read, on the Kiev forum, many ask the question of where to get milk powder in Kiev. In the bakery house, there is plenty of it, in packaging. I replace it with infant formula. And when suddenly she is not in the house either, then dry cream for coffee, but I do this extremely rarely. It turned out awesome!

The bread is not very high and damp. My mother-in-law says that this is how bread should be. Well, this is someone like. But mine sweep it away in one fell swoop. And friends are all hooked on him.
Try it! Bon Appetit!

Midnight lady photo

Midnight lady
The recipe was very interesting. : nyam: I've already baked orange bread, I really liked it. I think your bread will also like it. By the way, the orange one was also with a damp crumb, I read that this is typical of bread with fruit juices. Is it vegetable oil, as I understand it? What about store-bought cherry juice from a bag?
I have tried both vegetable and cream. I even once baked it with the "Tenderness" low-fat margarine. I like vegetable more. And the juice depends on the season. In the cherry season, I have my own, I often replace it with cherry compote, but in general I use Sandora juice, then his children drink up with pleasure. For example Jaffa does not want to drink. So you can use any cherry juice you like!
Midnight lady
Thanks for the quick response. It's very good that the vegetable tastes better, since I am fasting. It will be possible to bake according to your recipe, only excluding dry milk or try to replace it with soy milk.
Now fasting and we also observe it. This is exactly what I do. I exclude milk and vegetable oil.
Midnight lady
Tanychik, brought you thanks for the recipe. The cherry bread turned out to be very tasty and beautiful, I will often bake it. Here is a photo

Cherry bread for tea (bread maker)
Cherry bread for tea (bread maker)

I counted your recipe for a large loaf (1 kg), as usual I added gags: oatmeal 60 g, nuts 40 g, flour 1 grade and half-and-half, honey instead of sugar, bought dried cherries. And I also needed less flour than yours (of course, taking into account the cereals), maybe you have very wet flour. I used the Sweet Bread program, reducing the amount of yeast accordingly. In general, thanks again.
Midnight lady, I'm glad you liked the bread! Bon Appetit! And with the cereal you have a good idea, you have to try.An interesting color turned out, apparently dried cherries gave such a shade, with dry ones it turns out pinkish. Thanks again for the cereal idea, I will definitely try next time! And I use flour "Kiivmlin" from the entire range of wheat flour that is now on the market, for my taste the best option. At least she has never let me down. Any baked goods that do not work with it the first time. I don’t experiment with flour and liquid in this bread, I like it the way it turns out. After all, we are all trying to get our family to devour it! I am glad that you liked our bread!
I made bread according to your recipe, it turned out delicious. The only thing I decorated it with icing and sprinkling, because it was before Easter. In the context, the truth is not, because he was taken away on a visit.
Cherry bread for tea (bread maker)
Watergirl! To your health! I'm glad you liked it. And I just do not get enough of it before the photo in the context, mine is still warm, they eat it and break it, they say it tastes better!
I am very interested in your recipe, I will definitely try. One question: I also have an LG stove, fast mode 1 hour 59 minutes, do you have the same?
Yesterday we baked your bread, strictly according to the recipe. It turned out, but I didn't like it, the taste is sour, I don't even know who to feed it to.
Thank you for the delicious bun!
I only added sugar and there was no time to bother with dry cherries. And so it turned out a tall fluffy bun with a slight sourness (very light).
And we really liked your bread. Has already baked twice. Moderately sour, very pleasant. I did not find dried cherries, I added dried cherries. I baked it in the evening, and in the morning my husband took half a loaf to work. He said they dared with tea at one moment! Thanks for the recipe!
Quote: KOGotok

And we really liked your bread. Has already baked twice. Moderately sour, very pleasant. I did not find dried cherries, I added dried cherries. I baked it in the evening, and in the morning my husband took half a loaf to work. He said they dared with tea at one moment! Thanks for the recipe!

To your health! I also prefer cherries.
Hello ! I was very interested in your recipe, tell me, can I throw cherry from jam?
In principle, you can. : yes: But! You still need to drain the liquid through a sieve. Time. Second, you need to take into account that the cherries in the jam are still boiled and, therefore, soft. In a bread maker it can be "flour" and ground, there will be no hard cherries. Although pieces may remain. And thirdly, you need to take into account the moisture content of different dry cherries and cherries made from jam. And therefore, you will need to play with liquid or flour.
Good luck!
thanks I will try

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