Sweet bread with carrots

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Sweet bread with carrots


Water or milk 150 ml
Fuel oil 120 g
Grated carrots 150 g
Sugar vanilla. 2 tsp
Sugar 150 g
Salt 10 g
Flour 400 g
Nuts 200 g
Dry yeast 4 g
Or raw yeast 12 g
Almond essence (optional) a few drops
Or grated orange peel (optional)

Cooking method

  • Hand cooking:
  • • Dissolve yeast in warm water (milk) and add sugar (this is a dough).
  • • Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
  • • Sift flour and add dough, carrots, nuts, vanilla sugar, essence and butter.
  • • Knead elastic dough, add salt.
  • • Place the dough in an oiled cup and cover with foil.
  • • Leave the dough in a warm place for 1 hour.
  • • Transfer the dough to a baking dish.
  • • Bake in a preheated oven at 175 C on the middle shelf for about 50 minutes.
  • • If the top of the bread bakes too early, cover it with aluminum foil or a silicone lid.
  • For a bread maker:
  • • Place all products in a bucket in the order indicated in the instructions for your oven.
  • • Bake on the "Sweet bread" or "French bread" program.

Time for preparing:

about 50 minutes


The recipe is taken from the Bulgarian site "Cook with us". The original recipe is here: 🔗

I baked it. While hot, but the crust has already been chopped off. What can I say, calories are not measured for my taste, too fatty. Who does not like fatty put less oil. I really had fatty nuts - walnuts.
Bread, I would say, is more related to muffins.

Yes, people, reduce the oil by half not less! And that is very bold, it is already falling apart and the view is not tavos. But the recipe is interesting, to modify only the amount of oil, with the rest of the order.

This is my:
Sweet bread with carrots

Judging by the photos from the Bulgarians, they obviously put less butter in the bread.
So the children wanted to make something pleasant and the recipe was so interesting. But nothing happened. Inside, the dough looks like putty.
I baked on the Sweet bread program for 3.5 hours and warmed up for another hour - the crust burst and the naked eye could see that it was raw. I had to put another 40 minutes to bake on the Baking program and some unsatisfactory result.
It seems that I put everything according to the recipe, about 80 grams of butter instead of the prescribed one, I did not put nuts - the children do not like them in bread.
Please tell me why it turned out like a putty. I don't want to waste so much time next time.
No, mine didn't look like putty. It was baked well on the usual program "sweet bread", it was just fatty and, on the contrary, it was loose from this fat.

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