Seasoning sauce "Vinaigrette"

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Seasoning sauce "Vinaigrette"


Aromatic vinegar, used Cider vinegar 50 ml
Vegetable oil (used olive) 150 ml

Cooking method

  • A blender for whipping.
  • Vinaigrette is the most common salad dressing; it is obtained by combining vegetable oil and vinegar.
  • Like mayonnaise, vinaigrette is an emulsion.
  • The base of the seasoning is vinegar and vegetable oil in a ratio of 1 x 3. - for 1 part of vinegar, three parts of oil are taken.
  • First, pour vinegar into a bowl (beating glass) and add a few drops of oil, and begin to beat at high speed.
  • Gradually, drop by drop, and then add oil to the mixture in a thin stream, without ceasing to beat.
  • As a result, we get a stable emulsion that will not delaminate.
  • This emulsion is conveniently stored in the refrigerator and added to salads as needed.
  • Add 1 tbsp for a serving of salad. l sauce.
  • My emulsion was prepared on June 15th and is still in shape. I use it in vegetable salads.
  • You can prepare a sauce from several types of oil, with the addition of spices, herbs, fried garlic, soft cheese, mustard, lemon zest, seeds.
  • All these additives need to be added only to the finished emulsion! So as not to spoil the consistency of the sauce.
  • Seasoning sauce "Vinaigrette"
  • Seasoning sauce "Vinaigrette"


Bon appetit, everyone! Cook with love and care, good cuisine takes patience!

Such an emulsion sauce may well replace mayonnaise, and recipes where eggs are required.
Perfect as a dressing for salads, especially leafy dishes and dishes on fast days

Seasoning sauce "Vinaigrette"Lean mayonnaise (vegan), cauliflower (second degree of fasting)
Seasoning sauce "Vinaigrette"Lean mayonnaise (vegan) "Apple" (second degree of fasting)
Seasoning sauce "Vinaigrette"Lean (vegan) flax bran mayonnaise
Seasoning sauce "Vinaigrette"Seasoning sauce "Vinaigrette"

Tanya thanks for the recipe for the seasoning sauce, now the season of vegetables will go and the recipe is very useful

Olesya, good health! Water vegetables and absorb
Quote: olesya26

now the season of vegetables will go and the recipe is very useful
Just about, we'll be ready
How interesting, I just wanted something like that, light, like mayonnaise. Thank you!

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