Rye molded bread with sourdough

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Rye molded bread with sourdough


Rye sourdough 260 g
Peeled rye flour 300 gr.
Serum 200 ml.
Ground coriander 1 tbsp. l.
Salt 1.5 tsp.
Panifarin 1 tbsp. l.

Cooking method

  • Kneading for 10 minutes, forming, proofing in a mold, baking with steam for the first 10 minutes - a total of 55-60 minutes (baking temperature 180 *).

And here is my little bread, there was little sourdough, 200 grams, so I counted it to a smaller size and this is what it turned out

Rye molded bread with sourdough
I want to show my first real black bread.
For me, it is so important what exactly the sourdough is (thanks to Admin, huge !!!!).
The leaven turned out exactly as she described ... but when I began to make the dough, I was somehow frightened, and suddenly it would not rise.
The dough turned out to be thick, it is difficult to understand that side and not liquid, and a bun.
In short, I followed the kolobok.
When the dough was taken out of the HP, of course it stuck to the shoulder blade.
Baked in a frying pan on paper greased with olive oil.
It turned out tasteful for me, the dough was not enough, so it turned out to be a gingerbread.
Of course, I would like the crumb to be more porous, but this is the first time, and the leaven is only 3 days old.
In general, I'm happy as an elephant, I did it !!! And without a gram of yeast !!!!
forgot to make cuts
Weight 500 g.
Rye molded bread with sourdough
Three Hurray !!!!!!! A miracle happened, I still got rye bread, although with the addition of yeast and the dough stood for a day, but it turned out not a pancake (as in previous times), but as expected, with holes. I hope things will go better further
Quote: MISHA

Rye molded bread with sourdough.

And in what bread maker was this miracle baked?
This bread maker is called an oven
Quote: Suslya

This bread maker is called an oven
insanely beautiful bread !!!! I'm sure it tastes the same !!!
I made sourdough bread !!! It turned out yummy !!!
Only the second time was it a little damp, because for some reason I had reduced the time (I thought it hurt a lot) and the dough was a little thinner.
But now I know how long it takes.

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