Common pancakes with meat

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Common pancakes with meat


glass 250 ml
Flour 2 glasses
Sugar 2 table. spoons
Salt 0.5 teaspoon spoons
Vegetable oil 3 table. spoons
Eggs 2 pieces
Baking powder (soda) 0.25 tsp
Milk 2 glasses
Water 2 glasses

Cooking method

  • Beat the dough with a mixer and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. Fry pancakes as usual on both sides.
  • Filling.
  • Boil the meat (we usually used lean pork), roll it through a meat grinder with raw onions and a couple of cloves of garlic and season with a large amount of fried onions (along with the oil on which the onions were fried). Salt and pepper to taste. The filling should never be dry! In consistency, it resembles a delicate pate. So do not spare the oil!
  • Wrap the minced meat in pancakes, put the prepared pancakes in a saucepan. Mom never fried pancakes on the day the guests arrived, only the day before. At the right time, put the pancakes on a dish and, together with the dish, went into the oven to warm up.


I remembered a picture from my childhood. Mom and Dad invite guests to us by phone for a holiday. And all the guests, as one, ask the same question: "Will there be pancakes with meat? If yes, then we will definitely come!"
These famous pancakes were my mom's signature dish.
And nothing special!

Stella! Pancakes are delicious
Common pancakes with meat
After all, it would seem nothing special - pancakes, but sometimes you try - rubber sole, but these are delight
Stella, thanks for sharing Mom's signature dish
Wrong name, it would be right "Pancakes are the most TASTY with meat"!
Thanks for the recipe The pancakes are wonderful.

Common pancakes with meat
Irina F
Suddenly I realized that, although I have been baking pancakes according to this recipe for several years, I have not reported on the topic !!!
Thanks a lot to Stella for the wonderful pancakes, the most favorite in our family!
Children only ask for these pancakes and consume them at an incredible speed!
I usually bake them without filling, they do not favor me with filling, but these pancakes are self-sufficient and good with sour cream, with fresh cottage cheese, with jam, maple syrup, and also with nutella
I grease each pancake generously with butter and sprinkle it with sugar, as my grandmother always did, the whole thing melts and mixes and you get a syrup that soaks the pancakes!
Now I'm baking another porcai, so the children endlessly run to the kitchen, waiting for signals
Common pancakes with meat
who will tell? what diameter of pancakes should be in order to wrap well

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