Animals in proverbs and sayings

Animals in proverbs and sayingsA lot can be found in the dictionary of "people from the forest". Sometimes their origins are in plain sight; others require some effort to decipher; only a specialist can understand the pedigree of the third. But animals not only densely “populated” our vocabulary, they are also the protagonists of many, if not most, folk riddles, proverbs and sayings, without which a bright, figurative speech is inconceivable.

Golden eagle

Golden eagleIn the tales of many peoples, the place of the king of birds is invariably assigned to an eagle. Only in our country there are several types of them: steppe, hawk, dwarf, burial ground, great and lesser spotted eagles, and finally the golden eagle. It is he who rightfully belongs to the role of the head of the bird kingdom.


HarrierThe birds in question are rare in our area. Long, relatively narrow tail, whitish body color and black pointed ends of wide long wings. Already by these signs, we can confidently say that this is a loonie. "As gray as a harrier" - who doesn't know these words? However, it should be noted that only males who have lived up to 3-5 years are endowed with gray-white plumage, females and young animals have a darker outfit.

What is ethology?

What is ethology?They call it science in the cradle. Indeed, it is the youngest among other biological sciences. She is a little over fifty years old. But it occupies a special place in biology, and the need for its research is increasing every year. It is about ethology - the science of animal behavior.

From the forest - to dictionaries (etymology of familiar words)

etymology of familiar wordsThe Russian language is rich and expressive. Have you ever wondered what role animals played (and continue to play today) in the formation of our vocabulary?


SpanielsThe spaniel family is one of the most numerous among the groups of hunting dogs and, apparently, one of the oldest. The first image of spaniel-like dogs could be seen on the coins of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. It is believed that Spain became the birthplace of the ancestors of spaniels, which is where the name of the whole group of these long-eared, nimble dogs came from.

How the letter was born

How the letter was bornFiguratively speaking, animals have worked hard to educate humanity.

Start with writing material. For almost one and a half thousand years, people wrote on parchment, which was made from calf, goat, sheep and donkey skins. The quality of the parchment leaves behind the famous papyrus. It is with the use of the new writing material that the transition from the papyrus scroll to the book of an almost modern appearance is connected.

Horse suits

Horse suitsAmong the horse population, there are animals of different colors or, as experts say, of different colors. At exhibitions, fairs, when exchanging and selling horses, heated debates often arise about how to determine the color of this or that individual. Moreover, horses are often called red and even fawn. Such names are not used in horse breeding. It has its own long-established, generally accepted names for the colors, which are useful for horse owners to get acquainted with.

South Russian dressing - cute, but independent animal

South Russian dressing Vormela peregusna Marbled polecatIn the world fauna, the weasel family unites 64 species of predatory animals and animals. Within Russia, it is represented by 18 species, on the pages of the Red Book there are 5 species that are threatened to varying degrees.

One of them is bandaging. People noticed the dressing for a long time, but its gradual disappearance - only recently. To allow the death of such an amazingly interesting animal is an unforgivable sin before nature.

Feathered architects

Feathered architectsSoon, upon arrival in their native land, the birds are divided into pairs.In some birds - geese, swans, cranes and birds of prey - pairs are formed for life, and in songwriters - usually for one season.

Capercaillie, black grouse and ducks are found only during spring games, and in the future, only the mother bears all the worries about arranging the nest, hatching eggs and raising young animals.


HoundsOf all the groups of hunting breeds, hounds are perhaps the most ancient. It was the ability of pickling dogs to pursue an animal with a voice (bark) that was first used by ancient people. It is characteristic that the requirements for these dogs then differed very little from modern ones. They were also required to have endurance, viscosity - not to give up the pursuit of the beast, aggressiveness, sensitivity and possession of a sonorous and loud voice.

Russian troika

Russian troikaThis is the name of a horse team made up of three horses harnessed in one row. In the center, under the arch, there is a root, usually a larger and more powerful horse, and on both sides, pull-up horses are harnessed, which, when riding fast, must gallop and, as they say, curl up in a ring for beauty.

Three-horse teams appeared in Rus about 250-300 years ago. They were required for the fast delivery of the sovereign's mail to destinations and the transportation of high-ranking passengers.

Extraordinary barometers

Extraordinary barometersIt is well known that weather changes occur in a certain sequence. For example, bad weather is usually preceded by changes in pressure, sky conditions, illumination. A number of living organisms, possessing organs sensitive to meteorological changes, by their behavior can signal a change in weather.

What is the reaction of plants to weather changes? It turns out that it is synchronous with these changes, but not ahead of them. Although in some cases, plants, responding to subtle fluctuations with which the weather begins to change, give us a signal, draw our attention to what is happening in nature. The rest of nature also responds in its own way to weather changes.

Wintering of birds off the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea

Wintering of birds off the Turkmen coast of the Caspian SeaWhen the autumn dirt on the roads dries up with the first frosts and the October winds blow off the last leaves from the trees, the "banks" - narrow strips of the first thin ice will shine near the shores of lakes and oxbows. Hole burdocks of water lilies, yellowed bunches of sedges, and broken reeds freeze into the ringing, fragile strip of the banks. On frosty clear nights, the banks quickly grow in width, their ice becomes thicker, and soon only in the middle of the lake, above the whirlpool, a small ice hole remains for several days. Another week - the ice will get stronger, and the children from the neighboring village will spin around the lake, ringing their skates.

Comparison of bumblebees and bees

Comparison of bumblebees and beesBumblebees are perhaps one of the cutest and, frankly speaking, insects dear to the human heart. Always pleasant to the eye, elegant, from head to the end of the abdomen in silky two- or even three-colored velvet. And what a hard worker! They are constantly busy, busy from morning till night. At the same time, how musical! Their songs may not have much variety, but they are definitely melodic.

Fish from the depths

Fish from the depthsToday the ocean floor in the regions of its maximum depths is known much less well than the surface of the Moon and even, perhaps, Mars. Undoubtedly, here in the ocean, many amazing discoveries await us. One of them is almost revealed.

Underwater assassins

Underwater assassinsSince ancient times, there have been legends about terrible monsters living in the depths of the sea. With the development of the seas and oceans, the mystery of these legends disappeared, and their characters turned out to be quite prosaic creatures, although sometimes they really represented a mortal danger to humans.

Before you take a puppy ...

Before you take your puppy... You need to think carefully. This is not a new toy, not fun, but a living creature that requires affection, attention and proper handling. And if you are determined to get a four-legged friend, then you should prepare in advance for the fact that great worries will come along with the little puppy.

Animals on a geographical map

Animals - on a geographical map

Any geographical map, especially a large-scale one, is "inhabited" by all kinds of animals, fish, birds, reptiles, mollusks, insects.

However, for the first, most general acquaintance with this phenomenon, it is not even necessary to unfold the map.

Traveling through calendars

Traveling through calendarsThe prehistoric city of the Indians of Tiahuanaco, located in the Andes at a height of four kilometers, has given scientists many mysteries. Among them was the original calendar, which was only recently deciphered. Days and nights are depicted in this calendar by the heads of condors and cougars carved in stone: it is known that condors are daytime birds, and the cougar hunts exclusively at night.

Hamadrills: sounds, facial expressions, gestures

HamadrilsThe language of animals is an extremely interesting phenomenon. And if before only biologists and zoopsychologists were engaged in the study of it, now here a wide field of activity has opened up for physicists, chemists, mathematicians, linguists.

The oldest inhabitants of space

The oldest inhabitants of spaceWell, I know that on November 3, 1957, an event took place, the significance of which for science and the general progress of mankind cannot be overestimated. The second Soviet artificial satellite of the Earth brought an earthly living being into orbit. The first space passenger in history was Laika the dog, whose pretty face later appeared on the pages of almost all newspapers and magazines in the world.

Where the eagle tore the snake ...

Where the eagle tore the snakeAn ancient Indian legend tells of the long wanderings of the Aztec tribe in search of a place to settle. Many days and nights passed before the exultant exclamation of one of the Indians was heard - having sharp eyesight, he was the first to see an eagle with a snake in its claws.

Kuna and Veveritsa

Kuna and VeveritsaThe first coins revealing the official history of banknotes appeared at the end of the 8th - early 7th centuries BC in Asia Minor (in the state of Lydia) and on the Greek island of Aegina. But this does not mean at all that there was no currency before.

In gratitude

In gratitudeIn addition to monuments in honor of specific celebrities, such as Barry and Opo-Jack, there are many typified monuments on earth that are not associated with the veneration of any individual representatives of the vast animal kingdom, but pay tribute to the whole species.

Combat awards in the animal kingdom

Combat awards in the animal kingdomMany TV viewers, obviously, remember a shepherd named Sharik from the old serial Four Tankmen and a Dog. The tankers considered Sharik to be a full member of their crew.

Heroes of the animal kingdom

Heroes of the animal kingdomAn illustrative case happened once in Vienna. A three-year-old girl named Margo was attacked by an evil shepherd dog. The dog used its terrible fangs, Margot screamed from unbearable pain, and ... it is not difficult to imagine how this drama would have ended if help had not arrived in time.

Attitude towards animals in ancient times

Attitude towards animals in ancient timesThe famous historian of antiquity Plutarch, who lived in the 1st century AD, has the words filled with spiritual nobility:

Order of the Elephant and other "animal" regalia

Order of the ElephantIn 1190, during a fierce battle between the crusaders of Frederick Barbarossa and the Saracens, the war elephants of Sultan Saladin moved to the positions of the knights. Confusion gripped the Western warriors.

Live attractions

Live attractionsIt happens that some living creature, by coincidence, becomes a common favorite, a kind of distinctiveness of a given area.

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