Nature of Canada

Nature of CanadaA country of high mountains and endless plains. In terms of the size of the territory and the nature of nature, Canada is very similar to our Siberia. Like Siberia, Canada lies in temperate and cold climates. Most of the country is covered with dense taiga forests, concealing enormous wealth of valuable species of wood and fur-bearing animals, endless tundra lies in the north, and steppes stretch in the south between the Rocky Mountains and Lake Winnipeg. In the extreme west and east, there are mountains, in which, during the ascent, a change of various landscapes is observed.

Greenland nature

Greenland natureMore than 80% of Greenland is covered with eternal ice. On this largest island in the world, stretching from north to south for more than 2,600 km (from Cape Morris Jasep at 83 ° 39 'N to Cape Farvel at 59 ° 46' N) and from the west to east - by 1 200 km and covering an area of ​​2 176 thousand square meters. km, only narrow coastal areas are free of ice. The Greenland glacier covers an area of ​​1,800 thousand sq. kilometers.


DemerdzhiAnyone who had at least once to travel from Simferopol to Alushta could not help but pay attention to the picturesque mountain range, which suddenly opens up before the eyes of the traveler, right behind the Angarsk pass. When the road starts to decline, you can see the Demerdzhi massif to the left of it. Its top is called Demerdzhi-yayla, the highest point of which reaches a height of 1359 m. The southern and western extremities of the mountain are grandiose cliffs with a pile of rocks and stone chaos. Below the slopes of Demerdzhi are covered with forests, gardens, vineyards, lavender and tobacco plantations. Especially large forests surrounded the Demerdzhi massif from the north and east.


BogolyubovoAmong the memorable places in central Russia there are also small villages, suburbs, which are also dear to the heart of the Russian people.

If you happen to be in Vladimir, take your time, find a few hours to devote to the ancient village of Bogolyubov, which is located 10 kilometers east of Vladimir. You can take a trolleybus to the eastern end of the city and then walk a few kilometers on foot, or take a bus that goes from the bus station from the station square.

National dishes of Uzbekistan

National dishes of UzbekistanWho doesn't love new cookware? In the everyday life of the peoples of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, the acquisition of new dishes is a whole custom, even a condition, for example, a wedding ceremony. When a girl is given in marriage, her relatives bring a different gift a day or two before the wedding ceramic dishes: half a dozen bowls, cups, a couple of dishes for pilaf, two or three teapots. Of course, the dishes should be not only comfortable, but also, like clothes or music, beautiful, so that the holiday of the soul is imprinted for a long time.

Zagreb (photo report)

ZagrebIn ancient times, one of the Croatian bans (ban is a leader, ruler, sometimes the king's deputy) led his army along the edge where the city now stands. There was a hot, debilitating drought. The warriors suffered from agonizing thirst. At a halt, the ban thrust his sword into the ground, and a fountain of cold water suddenly gushed out of it. Ban called his army to the source of salvation, exclaiming: "Rake it!" And the warriors - some with a helmet, some with their palms - began to “rake in” and drink life-giving moisture. From there, allegedly, the name of the city is Zagreb. So the legend says. However, according to another Croatian version, "zagreb" in the old Croatian language meant a mound (that which was "raked up"), a fortification, a hill fort. It is possible that the name of the city came from the fortified settlement for the first time ...

What color is Antarctica?

What color is AntarcticaThose who have not been to Antarctica usually think that "everything is white, one ice and snow". But this is not true. The sixth continent is colorful in its own way.

I remember the first meeting with the southern land. Early in the morning I went out on deck.It was overcast, heavy clouds hung over the ship, but a light yellowish stripe was burning directly on the course, in the south.

Switzerland is an alpine paradise!

Switzerland - alpine paradise"Switzerland is paradise!" This is how Elizabeth II expressed herself after her visit to this wonderful country. A fabulous landscape, an abundance of crystal clear lakes and mountains with snow-capped peaks make the soul tremble with delight.

Hamilton is one of the smallest capitals in the world

Bermuda, HamiltonHamilton, the capital of Bermuda, covers an area of ​​only 180 acres, or approximately 86 hectares. You can get around it without missing a single street, about three hours.

Karakum desert: unexpected desert

Kara-KumWe are somehow used to imagining the desert as empty. Bare hills of sand, empty horizon, empty sky without a single cloud. And if there is something alive there, then there is little joy in it. Under the roots are scorpions with venomous, segmented tails, upturned like cocked cocks.

Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory

Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk TerritoryIt is difficult to say at what time of the year Divnogorsk is more attractive; in the summer, when, with the clear eyes of his new high-rise buildings, he admires the heroic chest of the strongman Yenisei through the tops of century-old pines; in winter, shrouded in a frosty haze, with trench streets dug in deep snow, going one above the other along the steep Yenisei coast.

Bahrain - the island of pearls and oil

BahrainBahrain is the only island Arab sheikhity located off the coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. It is commonly called the country of pearls and oil. But this definition is too sparse.

At the foot of the "Pillar of Hercules"

GibraltarThe last miles of the Mediterranean Sea remained astern. We entered the Strait of Gibraltar. It connects the sea with the Atlantic Ocean. In a grayish-blue haze, as if straight out of the water, the famous "Pillars of Hercules" rose.

The largest rock in the world - Ayers rock

Ayers RockAyers Rock (Ayers Rock, Uluru), lying in the center of Australia, 320 kilometers south-west of the city of Springs, is the largest in the world. Its circumference reaches over 8 kilometers and its height is 350 meters. It can only be climbed from the north side.

Across England

Across EnglandOur plane, having covered the distance from Moscow to London in three hours and giving them back to us completely, due to the difference in standard time, landed at the airfield.

Along the stone belt of Russia

Along the stone belt of RussiaIn the distant past, the Urals were called "Stone". You will climb to the top of the mountain, you will see the mountain ranges to the very horizon. To the east of them is Asia, to the west is Europe. At the very heart of the Urals - Sverdlovsk - there is an obelisk dividing two parts of the world. Every year tourists gather near it for the traditional rally "Europe - Asia".

Along the paths of Elbrus and the Carpathians

Along the paths of Elbrus and the CarpathiansThe Elbrus, Teberda, Dombay regions are famous for their excellent slopes for skiing. Clean mountain air, pristine snow cover and an abundance of sun make the rest here healthy and fulfilling. And even those who still do not know how to ski come here to enjoy the incomparable beauty of these places.

Uncharted Myanmar

Uncharted MyanmarMyanmar and Laos are the countries of Southeast Asia that can be called unexplored for tourists from Europe.

Resorts of Turkey

Resorts of TurkeyWhen it comes to holidays in Turkey, many associate with sunny hot beaches, clean sea water and all-inclusive service.

Cuban freedom

Cuban freedomThe enchanting and alluring smell of freedom in its pre-revolutionary manifestation attracts many tourists to Cuba. Despite the considerable cost of recreation, the island of freedom is visited by married couples and single people, young people and middle-aged tourists.

Souvenirs and gifts from India

Souvenirs and gifts from IndiaTraveling in India is a pleasure. This amazing country, which is very popular among travelers who want to learn new things, touch antiquity, feel part of the universe, reconsider their views on life and just have a good rest.

Popular about Argentina

Popular about ArgentinaArgentina is the custodian of many of the "southernmost" specimens on planet Earth.First of all, here is the southernmost city on the globe - Ushuaia.

To Europe for school holidays

To Europe for school holidaysEvery parent dreams of sending their child to a good rest during the holidays. Those who have already visited domestic camps dream of a trip to a camp abroad, so that the child broadens his horizons, has a good rest and has a good time.

Austria for a sweet tooth

Austria for a sweet toothTraveling to different countries, the idea of ​​them will be incomplete if you are limited only to natural beauty, historical sights and shopping. Any country is, first of all, people, their life, way of life and culture.

Curonian Spit - a diamond in the crown of northwestern Russia

Curonian SpitPeople make legends about everything that does not fit into the ordinary understanding of a person. So it happened with the Curonian Spit, which, in the opinion of the Baltic tribe who once lived in this place, was created specifically to facilitate their harsh life.

Lost in the Aegean: Kos

Kos islandGreece is famous for its culture, tourism, friendly people, gentle sea, and of course it can offer an unforgettable vacation for travelers. In addition, Greece can offer a vacation on the islands, which has many differences compared to a vacation on the continental coast.

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Plitvice Lakes in CroatiaWhen it comes to holidays in Croatia, it just so happens that the fastest that comes to mind is the Adriatic coast. But in this country there are also other places that are no less attractive for recreation. For example, the unique Plitvice Lakes.

Velvet season - where to go?

Velvet season - where to goFor some people, the beginning of autumn is the beginning of working days and the end of vacation, but for others, this time, on the contrary, means rest, and they believe that this is the most favorable time for this.

10 atmospheric beach cafes in Europe

10 atmospheric beach cafes in EuropeThere is nothing better than watching the sunset on the seashore with a glass in hand. We will tell you about a dozen beach cafes in Europe where you can sit down for the whole day.

Sweden: eco life

Sweden eco lifeIf you are tired of the smell of exhaust fumes, rubbish on the roadside and greasy food, go to Sweden. Fans of a healthy lifestyle who are obsessed with the environment live here.

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